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NOUN   an L-section | L-sections
L-Profil {n}
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L-Profil {n}tech.
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  • Because the L section is not symmetrical, it has different image impedances (...) on each side.
  • Two half sections in cascade will make either a T section or a Π section depending on which port of the L section comes first.
  • Nor should it face the variable impedance port of another L-section.
  • in the L section of Brossard. Quartier DIX30 was designed to emulate an urban or downtown shopping experience with boutiques and to meet the needs of suburban dwellers living on the South Shore of Montreal.
  • gave an overhaul life of about 80 hours mainly as a result using a special tool to roll the 'L' section obturator rings.
  • Filters designed using network synthesis usually repeat the simplest form of L-section topology though component values may change in each section.
  • In 1804, Richard Trevithick, in the first recorded use of steam power on a railway, ran a high-pressure steam locomotive with smooth wheels on an 'L' section plateway near Merthyr Tydfil, but it was more expensive than horses.
  • An exception to the rural eligibility requirements is the Farm Labor Housing Program]l (Section 514/516), which is the only federal program available for development of housing for farm workers.
  • The line was designed by John Hodgkinson (who probably also engineered the connecting Llanvihangel and Grosmont lines) as a single track line with passing loops and occasional sidings to a gauge of 3 feet 6 inches using 3 and 4 foot L-section rails, manufactured it is assumed at Blaenavon and Nant-y-glo ironworks.
  • O’Brien was selected First Team Lancaster-Lebanon (L-L) Section Two his sophomore, junior and senior years and First Team All-L-L League as a senior.
  • This tramroad would have been built to match that already constructed onshore, as a four-foot gauge plateway with L-section cast iron rails.
  • Whitcombe worked firstly in the African townships outside Durban, at KwaMashu in the workers hostels in 'A' section and later 'L' section, and later rebuilding school security fences.
  • The L-section is identical topology to the potential divider topology.
  • Over the years the design of the rails and saddles underwent many modifications and in circa 1865 much of the main line was replaced by L-section steel rails 9 and [...] long rolled at the Gorton Works (Gorton Tank) of the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway Company.
  • The earliest tramroads were "edge-railways", where the wagons were guided by having flanged wheels running on plain rails, but from around 1800 most tramroads in the area were being made according to the principles of Benjamin Outram, with unflanged wheels running on L-section tracks fixed to stone-block sleepers; and many earlier lines were also rebuilt to these specifications.
  • In 2012, a revision of the Malesian species divided "Lasianthus" into 3 sections, based on the following type species: L.
  • The main rectangular section contained classrooms that opened to a central corridor.
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