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L-shaped {adj}L-förmig
L-shaped bladeWinkelmesser {n} [einer Bodenfräse]
The L-Shaped Room [novel: Lynne Reid Banks, film: Bryan Forbes]
Das indiskrete Zimmer
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  • Ice hockey sticks are long L-shaped sticks made of wood, graphite, or composites with a blade at the bottom that can lie flat on the playing surface when the stick is held upright and can legally curve either way, for left- or right-handed players.
  • Structure 10 shares an L-shaped platform with Structures 13 and 74, in the Central Acropolis.
  • "The Queen Is Dead", which leads off the album and notably became an expressionistic music video directed by Derek Jarman, starts with a sampled excerpt from Bryan Forbes' 1962 British film "The L-Shaped Room".
  • This is a method of determining the centroid of an L-shaped object.
  • All excavated boards have the angular V-shaped marks at the corners and L-shaped marks at the center of the edges, as well as the central square and T-shaped protrusions, and most boards also have four marks (usually circular but sometimes a decorative pattern) between the corner mark and the central square.
  • The L game is a two-player game played on a board of 4×4 squares. Each player has a 3×2 L-shaped tetromino, and there are two 1×1 neutral pieces.
  • The Greenbush swimming pool has changing rooms, showers, heated L-Shaped pool, heated wading pool, diving board and slide.
  • As exciting as the huge gas fields of East Africa are, however, the strong decline in oil prices and expectations for an L-shaped recovery with low prices over the coming years are increasingly challenging the economic viability of the industry in this region.
  • The former town hall is an L-shaped building with tower from 1911.
  • Later, the term was used for an L-shaped instrument like a steel square used to draw right angles.
  • An L-shaped flag is visible from the outside so that the shooter and other people concerned are instantly aware of the situation of the weapon.
  • The L-shaped rear sight has two apertures preset for firing at 0–300 m and 300–500 m respectively (the rear sight can only be adjusted for elevation).
  • Strategically placed range-extenders can elongate a signal area or allow for the signal area to reach around barriers such as those pertaining in L-shaped corridors.
  • In the middle square below, a left column and bottom row has been added, creating an L-shaped medjig border, to a 2×2 medjig square given previously.
  • If two goods are perfect complements then the indifference curves will be L-shaped.
  • "Three-way ball valves" come with a T- or L- shaped fluid passageways inside the rotor.
  • Some have L-shaped porches to protect against wind and rain; some particularly good examples are to be found at Grimspound.
  • The former B&O track from Mansfield to Willard combined with a piece of the abandoned Erie Railroad east of Mansfield to West Salem to form the L-shaped [...] Ashland Railway (1986).
  • The reverse-L-shaped Rathlin Island is [...] from east to west, and [...] from north to south.
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