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NOUN   L1 | L1s
first lumbar vertebra <1st lumbar vertebra, L1 vertebra, L1> [Vertebra lumbalis I]
erster Lendenwirbel {m} <1. Lendenwirbel, L1, L 1>
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  • erster Lendenwirbel {m} <1. Lendenwirbel, L1, L 1> = first lumbar vertebra <1st lumbar vertebra, L1 vertebra, L1> [Vertebra lumbalis I]
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  • More details about these TV-based approaches – iteratively reweighted l1 minimization, edge-preserving TV and iterative model using directional orientation field and TV- are provided below.
  • Collectin liver 1 (CL-L1) show very similar carbohydrate selectivity as MBL.
  • Neural cell adhesion molecule L1-like protein also known as close homolog of L1 (CHL1) is a protein that in humans is encoded by the "CHL1" gene.
  • Several missions have used Lissajous orbits: ACE at Sun–Earth L1, SOHO at Sun–Earth L1, DSCOVR at Sun–Earth L1, WMAP at Sun–Earth L2, and also the Genesis mission collecting solar particles at L1.
  • L1 interference in bilingual language acquisition generally refers to the influence that the learner's L1 exerts over the acquisition of an L2.

  • The L1 cache of the Core microarchitecture at 64 KB L1 cache/core (32 KB L1 Data + 32 KB L1 Instruction) is as large as in Pentium M, up from 32 KB on Pentium II / III (16 KB L1 Data + 16 KB L1 Instruction).
  • Most recently, UCH-L1 has been demonstrated to interact with the E3 ligase, parkin. Parkin has been demonstrated to bind and ubiquitinylate UCH-L1 to promote lysosomal degradation of UCH-L1.
  • L1-PCA has also been extended for the analysis of tensor data, in the form of L1-Tucker, the L1-norm robust analogous of standard Tucker decomposition.
  • Currently approved checkpoint inhibitors target the molecules CTLA4, PD-1, and PD-L1.
  • In case of two caches, L1 and L2 with exclusive cache policy (L2 does not cache same the memory locations as L1), L2 acts as the victim cache for L1.

  • Quantification of L1 copy number by qPCR or L1 methylation levels with bisulfite sequencing are used as diagnostic biomarkers in some types of cancers.
  • For some cancers (notably bladder) the probability of benefit is related to PD-L1 expression, but most cancers with PD-L1 expression still do not respond, and many (about 15%) without PD-L1 expression do respond.
  • According to the latest amendments made by Dongiproshakht to the mine development project "Opening and preparation of the inclined minefield, preparation of the inclined field of the l3 (l1) block No.
  • The nature of retrotransposition endows the L1 with some unique advantages; L1 retrotransposons have an essentially unlimited supply of the insertional mutagen since it is continually transcribed from a promoter, which would be useful for applications where large numbers of mutations are needed in a single cell.
  • The space ℓ1 has the Schur property: In ℓ1, any sequence that is weakly convergent is also strongly convergent [...]. However, since the weak topology on infinite-dimensional spaces is strictly weaker than the strong topology, there are nets in ℓ1 that are weak convergent but not strong convergent.

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