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LAA occluder
LAA-Occluder {m} [LAA-Verschluss]
left atrial appendage <LAA> [Auricula (atrii) sinistra]
linkes Herzohr {n}
left atrial appendage closure <LAA closure, LAAC>
Verschluss {m} des linken Vorhofohrs
left atrial appendage occlusion <LAA occlusion, LAAO>
Vorhofohrverschluss {m}
left atrial appendage occlusion <LAA occlusion, LAAO>
LAA-Verschluss {m} [Vorhofohrverschluss]
Federal Law on Accident Insurance <UVG/LAA>
Bundesgesetz {n} über die Unfallversicherung <UVG> [schweiz.]
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  • LAA-Occluder {m} [LAA-Verschluss] = LAA occluder
  • LAA-Verschluss {m} [Vorhofohrverschluss] = left atrial appendage occlusion <LAA occlusion, LAAO>
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  • Simon Price of "The Independent" described an encore performance at the Shepherd's Bush Empire as "utterly astonishing" and that when Rowlands asks during the song whether he can express himself, his "outburst of ecstatic laa-laa-laas says more than words ever could."
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