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NOUN   a LAN party | LAN parties
LAN party
LAN-Party {f}
LAN party
Netzwerk-Party {f}
örtliche Computervernetzung {f}
LAN cable
LAN-Kabel {n}
wireless LAN <WLAN>
Wireless LAN {n} <WLAN>
lanthionine <LAN> [C6H12N2O4S]
Lanthionin {n} <LAN>
local area network <LAN>
Nahverkehrsnetz {n} [selten] [Local Area Network, LAN]
local area network <LAN>
lokales Netzwerk {n} <LAN>
local area network <LAN>
Local Area Network {n} <LAN>
long algebraic notation <LAN> [chess]
Langnotation {f} [Schach]
barbecue party <BBQ party>
Grillparty {f}
second party audit <2nd-party audit> [supplier audit]
Lieferantenaudit {n}
first party audit <1st-party audit> [internal audit]
internes Audit {n} [internes Qualtätsaudit]
first party audit <1st-party audit>
First-Party-Audit {n} <1st-Party-Audit> [internes Qualitätsaudit]
third party audit <3rd-party audit>
Third-Party-Audit {n} <3rd-Party-Audit> [externes Qualitätsaudit]
second party audit <2nd-party audit>
Second-Party-Audit {n} <2nd-Party-Audit> [Lieferantenaudit]
second-party audit <2nd-party audit>
Zweitparteien-Audit {n} [auch: Zweitparteienaudit]
third-party audit <3rd-party audit>
Drittparteien-Audit {n} [auch: Drittparteienaudit]
partyFestl {n} [österr.] [südd.] [Fest]
partyGruppe {f}
partyFest {n}
partyEinladung {f} [Fest, Gesellschaft]
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  • LAN-Party {f} = LAN party
  • Third-Party-Audit {n} <3rd-Party-Audit> [externes Qualitätsaudit] = third party audit <3rd-party audit>
  • First-Party-Audit {n} <1st-Party-Audit> [internes Qualitätsaudit] = first party audit <1st-party audit>
  • Second-Party-Audit {n} <2nd-Party-Audit> [Lieferantenaudit] = second party audit <2nd-party audit>
  • Lanthionin {n} <LAN> = lanthionine <LAN> [C6H12N2O4S]
  • LAN-Kabel {n} = LAN cable
  • Wireless LAN {n} <WLAN> = wireless LAN <WLAN>
  • lokales Netzwerk {n} <LAN> = local area network <LAN>
  • Local Area Network {n} <LAN> = local area network <LAN>
  • Party {f} = partay [sl.] [party]
  • Party {f} = fete
  • Party {f} = shivoo [Aus.] [coll.]
  • Party {f} = party [social gathering]
  • Party {f} = fête
  • wilde Party {f} = rowdy party
  • ausgelassene Party {f} = ree-raw [Irish] [dated] [raucous party]
  • Party-Outfit {n} = party outfit
  • laute Party {f} = rave-up [Br.] [coll.]
  • Party-Hütchen {n} = party hat
  • Schneewittchen-Party = Hallowe'en Party [Agatha Christie]
  • Pyjama-Party {f} = sleepover
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Fragapalooza (also referred to as Frag or Fraga by participants) is an annual video game festival/LAN party that takes place in Leduc, Alberta, Canada.
  • de is host of the "Sensible Days", an annual meeting of SWOS fans with international championships on PC and Amiga in the manner of a LAN party.
  • MAGFest's primary features are a large open video gaming room, a hall of arcade cabinets, concerts by chiptune artists and video game cover bands, and a bring your own computer (BYOC) LAN party.
  • It was also the home of the Organised Chaos LAN Party, South Africa's biggest monthly gaming event.
  • Radioseven has for several years been a partner of the LAN party Dreamhack.

  • One of the most popular activities at Elmia is Dreamhack, the biggest LAN party in the world, with over 21600 visitors and their computers.
  • In 2012, he hosted the TWiT LAN Party "Shut Up and Play".
  • Over time the event changed from an outdoor LAN party to something more like a festival.
  • A LAN Party where more than 400 players gathers around several competitive games. The event also have a public part, where visitors can participate in retrogaming, watch streams and enjoy the show.
  • Minho Campus Party (also known as MCP) was Portugal's first and largest recurring LAN party. It took place in the Minho Province region.

  • It is recognized by the Guinness Book of Records and Twin Galaxies as being the world's largest LAN party and computer festival with the world's fastest Internet connection and the most generated traffic.
  • It also predated the LAN party concept by several years.
  • A LAN party is a gathering of people with personal computers or compatible game consoles, where a local area network (LAN) connection is established between the devices using a router or switch, primarily for the purpose of playing multiplayer video games together.
  • The winter party is a more gaming oriented LAN party type event where as the summer events continues the traditions of the original demoparty under the name Assembly Summer.
  • Notable events done by outbreed include Digital Injection, a controversial all-ages, 24-hour rave and LAN party that substantiated due to Nagasaki's exploitation of a loophole in licensing [...].

  • People have wildly different opinions about what constitutes a proper LAN party; the common trend at TG these years seem to be warez, games (the most popular being "Counter-Strike"), and IRC.
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