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SYNO LF | low frequency
labyrinthine fistula <LF>
Labyrinthfistel {f}
large format <LF>
Großformat {n} <GF>
Left Front <LF> [esp. Ind.] [an alliance of left-wing political organizations]
Linksfront {f} [ein Bündnis von linksgerichteten politischen Organisationen]
ligand field <LF>
Ligandenfeld {n} <LF>
likelihood function <LF>
Likelihood-Funktion {f}
line feed <LF>Zeilenvorschub {m}
lymphatic filariasis <LF>
lymphatische Filariose {f} <LF>
lymphatic fistula <LF>
Lymphfistel {f}
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low-frequency power <LF power>
Niederfrequenzleistung {f} <NF-Leistung>
4 Wörter
carriage return / line feed [command sequence or combined command] <CRLF, CR+LF, CR/LF>
Wagenrücklauf / Zeilenvorschub [Befehlsfolge oder kombinierter Befehl; auch: Carriage-Return/Line-Feed] <CRLF, CR+LF, CR/LF>
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  • Ladefaktor {m} <LF> = charge factor
  • Ligandenfeld {n} <LF> = ligand field <LF>
  • Lokführer {m} <Lf> [kurz für: Lokomotivführer] = train driver
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  • Localities of the commune: Saint-Bernard, Bockange, Drogny (lf: Drechéngen).
  • These simple examples do not display LF's higher-order features, nor any of its theorem checking capabilities. See the Twelf distribution for its included examples.
  • Formulaic rituals and organizational secrecy also helped to insure that lodge meetings were orderly, intimate and confidential and contributed to group cohesion among B of LF members.
  • The property is owned by the Danish Union of Teachers (Danmarks Lærerforening, lf) as of 2008.
  • She attended George Washington University, and later studied fiction writing at Sarah Lawrence College.lf a Girl", was published in 2012.

  • Causes of optic nerve lesions include optic atrophy, optic neuropathy, head injury etc. lf unilateral central scotoma is detected, careful observation of the temporal visual field of other eye is essential to rule out the possibility of compressive lesions at the junction of optic nerve and optic chiasm.
  • India has 40% of the world's lymphatic filariasis (LF) cases.
  • April 18: Traded LF Alfredo Marte to Philadelphia Phillies for player TBD.
  • The LF country code (.lf) was reserved "on behalf" of Libya Fezzan (for an "indeterminate period of time") by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
  • At its height, "Mixnmojo" cultivated a very active and diverse community of LucasArts fans and hosted a number of other sites directed at related franchises and itself belonged to the now defunct "LF Network."

  • In October 1982, just weeks after Bashir Gemayel's death, Al-Anid signed his resignation letter and relieved himself of the command of the Special Forces team in the War Council making it possible for other seniors in the LF to take over command.
  • As an avid auto racing fan and driver himself, Toyoda has promoted sports models like the Lexus IS-F and Lexus LF-A at auto races.
  • The first was CB Pio XII in A Coruña, where she spent two seasons playing in Liga Femenina 2 (LF2).
  • By 1943, a prototype was rapidly developed with off-the-shelf LMCO components.
  • Here we see that both John and Bill precede the same VP, himself.

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