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low-frequency oscillator <LFO>
Tieffrequenzoszillator {m}
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Übersetzung für 'LFO' von Englisch nach Deutsch

low-frequency oscillator <LFO>
Tieffrequenzoszillator {m}electr.
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  • If an LFO tangible is placed near the VCO, a waveform will then appear connecting those two, and the LFO will modulate the VCO.
  • "AFX / LFO" is an untitled, split 12" record released by Richard D.
  • The joystick controls a second LFO, adjustable by a knob with rate indicator LED, and entirely independent of the main LFO, although the effect can be cumulative.
  • BMG's new classical music label Arte Nova contracted LFO to record the bulk of its new classical music label in the late 90s.
  • The MF-102 also features an independent low frequency oscillator (LFO) that changes the frequency of the carrier oscillator.

  • When the Contour (Envelope) is triggered by the LFO, it allows for periodic LFO-type waves to be applied to the VCF or VCA, depending on the Rise- and Fall-times.
  • Bell released one more LFO album, "Sheath" in 2003.
  • There are several modulation sources on the Neutron, including an LFO, two envelopes and sample and hold.
  • There were four different types: The Kobol Rack (Expander I) was only the VCO/VCF/VCA/LFO sections of the Kobol in a rack module.
  • Also unlike the Juno, the JX-3P allows the pitch of either oscillator to be controlled by its envelope generator and lfo.

  • The MiniBrute's LFO can be routed to wave shape modulation, filter cutoff, pitch, and amplitude.
  • Their current coach is Donnie Welborn, who won two state titles while a student at LFO.
  • The LFO met a long-standing demand of Bengalis by accepting proportional representation, to the chagrin of many West Pakistanis who resisted the notion of an East Pakistani-led government.
  • The AudioCubes can also be linked to LFOs by using the software application Evolvor.
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