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lateral geniculate nucleus <LGN>
seitlicher Kniehöcker {m}
lateral geniculate nucleus <LGN>
Corpus {n} geniculatum laterale <CGL>
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  • G-protein-signaling modulator 2, also called LGN for its 10 Leucine-Glycine-Asparagine repeats, is a protein that in humans is encoded by the "GPSM2" gene.
  • Electro-physiological recordings in retinal ganglion cells, LGN and primary visual cortex showed that neurons of these areas responded to luminance modulation within the receptive field even in the absence of contrast borders.
  • Neurons in the most ventral part of the LGN develop before neurons in more dorsal layers.
  • For example, lesions affecting the dorsal raphe system can lead to hallucinations by preventing ascending inhibition to the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN).
  • The insertion operation in a bag takes "O(1)" amortized time and the union of two bags takes "Θ(lgn)" time.

  • These receptive fields were called simple cell receptive fields, and were believed consist of single center-surround LGN input.
  • Well into his 70s, De Valois continued to pursue the transformations of visual information in LGN and striate cortex.
  • LGN, which is located in the midbrain to relay signals from the retina to the visual cortex, is another potential area that can be used for stimulation.
  • The LGN receives information directly from the ascending retinal ganglion cells via the optic tract and from the reticular activating system.
  • Most of the optic nerve fibers end in the lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN).

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