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Lennox-Gastaut's / Lennox-Gastraut syndrome <LGS>
Lennox-Gastaut-Syndrom {n} <LGS>
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  • Lennox-Gastaut-Syndrom {n} <LGS> = Lennox-Gastaut's / Lennox-Gastraut syndrome <LGS>
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  • We will determine the role of de novo copy number polymorphisms (CNPs) in IS, LGS, and PMG/PVNH. We will evaluate the role of inherited CNPs in IS, LGS, and PMG/PVNH.
  • OS will transition to West syndrome or LGS with age.
  • The promotional mail-aways are redeemable with three booster pack wrappers - the LGS IPuP has no such coupon.
  • Female students and alumni from LGS 1-A/1 (LGS Gulberg) exposed faculty members for inappropriate behaviour and sexual harassment publicly due to LGS's administration not taking appropriate action.
  • The Fennek, named after the fennec (a species of small desert fox), or LGS Fennek, with LGS being short for "Leichter Gepanzerter Spähwagen" in German (Light Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle), is a four-wheeled armed reconnaissance vehicle produced by the German company Krauss-Maffei Wegmann and Dutch Defence Vehicle Systems.

  • For the completion of their pre-application, students are expected to provide their high school entrance exam (LGS) scores.
  • The LGS is also a member of Scouting in Luxembourg (formerly "Luxembourg Boy Scouts Association").
  • LGS is a piezoelectric material, with no phase transitions up to its melting point of 1470 °C.
  • There are two types of LGS: idiopathic and secondary.
  • There are Health Clinics under Ikara LGs with four Health Centers located in Ikara itself.

  • In October 1941 25th LAA Rgt transferred to 12 AA Bde which had been reorganised as a mobile formation to provide AA cover for Eighth Army and the landing grounds (LGs) of Desert Air Force during the new British offensive into Libya (Operation Crusader).
  • During the long retreat to the El Alamein position, 12 AA Bde under Brigadier Percy Calvert-Jones fell back in a series of rearguard actions at LGs, in the course of which it concentrated a sizeable body of AA units and some motorised infantry.
  • The setup for the LGS-GMA-cladding is almost alike the one for LGS-GMA-welding beside that the GMA-source needs to have a "Cold-MIG" process.
  • First introduced in 1930 under Mussolini, blasphemy was decriminalized as per art.57, d.lgs. n.507 of 30 December 1999.
  • In 2000 he became the president of LGS-Japan (Lute & Early Guitar Society of Japan) and LGS-Europe.

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