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La Bruyère
Heide {n}
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Übersetzung für 'La Bruyère' von Englisch nach Deutsch

La Bruyère
Heide {n}geogr.
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  • The municipality consists of the following districts: Eugies, Frameries, La Bouverie, Noirchain, and Sars-la-Bruyère.
  • Among the works plagiarized were Blaise Pascal's "Pensées" and La Rochefoucauld's "Maximes", as well as the work of Jean de La Bruyère, Luc de Clapiers, Dante, Kant and La Fontaine.
  • Nietzsche expressed admiration for 17th-century French moralists such as La Rochefoucauld, La Bruyère and Vauvenargues, as well as for Stendhal.
  • As a great lover of the classics, Nicolas Boileau-Despréaux found himself pushed into the role of champion of the "Anciens" (his severe criticisms of Desmarets de Saint-Sorlin's poems did not help), and Jean Racine, Jean de La Fontaine and Jean de La Bruyère took his defense.
  • In the works of La Bruyère, which he published in 1845, he returned to the original text.
  • Among her admirers was Louis-Sextius de Jarente de La Bruyère, bishop of Orléans.
  • The favourable reception of his early poems by the "Conférence La Bruyère" (a student society) encouraged him to begin a literary career.
  • The D214 comes from Gavrus in the south-west and also passes through the village as well as Les Crettes and La Bruyère before continuing north-east to Fontaine-Étoupefour.
  • The site features heavily in the folk-story of Fulk FitzWarin, outlawed Lord of Whittington, Shropshire and a possible inspiration for the "Robin Hood" legend. Fulk is brought up in the castle of Josce de Dinan, and fights for his master against Sir Gilbert de Lacy – these battles are the source of the story of Marion de la Bruyere, the betrayed lover whose ghost is still said to be heard screaming as she plummets from the castle's turrets.
  • A more recent explanation comes from William Bright, who wrote that the name is "probably derived from "Río Canadiano", a Spanish spelling of the Caddo word "káyántinu", which was the Caddo people's name for the nearby Red River. French voyageurs were active along the lower Canadian. Bénard de la Harpe explored between the mouth of the river and the Kiamichi Mountains in 1715. Pierre and Paul Mallet followed the entire length of the river in 1740, as did another expedition led by Fabry de La Bruyere in 1741. [...] The Louisiana Purchase in 1803 resulted in all of the land east of the New Mexico border being acquired by the United States.
  • La Bruyère ([...]; [...]) is a municipality of Wallonia located in the province of Namur, Belgium.
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