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La Solidaridad
La Solidaridad {f}
la-la land [Am.] [coll.] [dream land]La-La-Land {n} [Traumland]
to be in la-la land [coll.] [fig.]weggetreten sein [ugs.] [fig.]
la-la land [sl.][Spitzname für Los Angeles und Hollywood]
la-la land [sl.][Reich der Märchen und Fantasie]
lanthanum <La>
Lanthan {n} <La>
à la {prep}à la
Shangri-La {n}
La Clouse
Klause {n}
lymphangioma <LA>
Lymphangiom {n}
à la {prep}alla [à la]
La Pléiade
La Pléiade {f}
La Bruyère
Heide {n}
La Niña
La Niña {n} [Klimaanomalie westlich Perus und Equadors]
Laos <.la>
Laos {n}
à la française {adj} {adv}im französischen Stil
shangri-la [fig.]Paradies {n}
lactic acidosis <LA>
Laktatazidose {f}
Mützich {n}
wakefieldite-(La) [LaVO4]
Wakefieldit-(La) {m}
à la carte {adj} {adv}
à la carte
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  • La Solidaridad {f} = La Solidaridad
  • La-La-Land {n} [Traumland] = la-la land [Am.] [coll.] [dream land]
  • Stavelotit-(La) {m} = stavelotite-(La) [La3Mn3Cu(Mn,Fe,Mn)26(Si2O7)6O30]
  • Remondit-(La) {m} = remondite-(La) [Na3(La,Ce,Ca)3(CO3)5]
  • Törnebohmit-(La) {m} = törnebohmite-(La) [(La,Ce)2Al(SiO4)2(OH)]
  • Nordit-(La) {m} = nordite-(La) [(La,Ce)(Sr,Ca)Na2(Na,Mn)(Zn,Mg)Si6O17]
  • Allanit-(La) {m} = allanite-(La) [Ca(La,Ce)(Fe,Mn)(Al,Fe)2(SiO4)(Si2O7)O(OH)]
  • Cerit-(La) {m} = cerite-(La) [(La,Ce,Ca)9(Fe,Mg) [(OH)3|SiO3(OH)|(SiO4)6]]
  • Perrierit-(La) {m} = perrierite-(La) [(La,Ce,Ca)4(Fe,Mn)(Ti,Fe,Al)4(Si2O7)2O8]
  • Rhabdophan-(La) {m} = rhabdophane-(La) [(La,Ce)PO4·H2O]
  • Monazit-La {m} = monazite-La [(La,Ce,Nd)PO4]
  • Iraqit-(La) {m} = iraqite-(La) [K(La,Ce,Th)2(Ca,Na)4(Si,Al)16O40]
  • Davidit-(La) {m} = davidite-(La) [(La,Ce,U,Y)2(Fe,Mg)(Ti,Fe)18O38]
  • La Bohème = La bohème [Giacomo Puccini]
  • Ankylit-(La) {m} = ankylite-(La) [Sr(La,Ce) [OH|(CO3)2]·H2O]
  • Kozoit-(La) {m} = kozoite-(La) [(La,Nd)(CO3)(OH)]
  • Ferronordit-(La) {m} = ferronordite-(La) [Na3Sr(La,Ce)Fe [Si6O17]]
  • Wakefieldit-(La) {m} = wakefieldite-(La) [LaVO4]
  • Kukharenkoit-(La) {m} = kukharenkoite-(La) [Ba2(La,Ce,Th) [F|(CO3)3]]
  • Fluocerit-(La) {m} = fluocerite-(La) [(La,Ce)F3]
  • Cordylit-(La) {m} = cordylite-(La) [NaBaLa2(CO3)4F]
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  • This series tells the ordeals of a group of lawyers than works for Vicaria de la Solidaridad an office within the Catholic Church that investigates crimes by Augusto Pinochet's secret police against left-wing people.
  • Méndez Arceo visited Cuba where he received the Orden de la Solidaridad from Fidel Castro for his "merit in the struggle against imperialism, colonialism, neocolonialism and other forms of exploitation."
  • He outlined his vision of federalist governance on his essay "Filipinas dentro de cien años" ("The Philippines a Century Hence") that was published by the Barcelona-based propaganda paper La Solidaridad in 1889.
  • Casa del Hombre Doliente maintains the foundation with donations and volunteer efforts, doing activities to get more funds, for example, "El clasico de la solidaridad" which is a famous event in Guayaquil.
  • "Horizonte" would earn him the Gran Cruz a la Solidaridad COVID-19 of the Civil Guard and Jiménez's third Antena de Oro, coinciding with him winning the Arturo Duperier Award also in 2022.

  • López Jaena founded the fortnightly newspaper, La Solidaridad.
  • The space is now the Plaza de la Solidaridad park.
  • Mabini, whose advocacies favored the reformist movement, pushed for the organization to continue its goals of supporting La Solidaridad and the reforms it advocated.
  • The organization derived from La Solidaridad and the Propaganda movement. The purpose of La Liga Filipina was to build a new group that sought to involve the people directly in the reform movement.
  • In April 1890, Jose Rizal authored an article "Sobre la Nueva Ortografia de la Lengua Tagalog" in the Madrid-based periodical La Solidaridad.

  • In November 2018, La Vía Campesina received the XV Navarra International Prize for Solidarity (Premio Internacional Navarra a la Solidaridad).
  • Muñoz Alarcón, the so-called "hooded man of the National Stadium" who declared in testimony before the Vicariate of Solidarity (Vicaría de la Solidaridad) that he had worked for Monsalve and that Monsalve had taken him to the stadium.
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