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Labetalol {n}
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Labetalol {n}biochem.
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  • Finally, in drugs with both alpha and beta blocking properties, such as carvedilol and labetalol, interactions with other alpha or beta blockers can exaggerate a decrease in blood pressure.
  • Beta blockers with lipophilic properties and CNS penetration such as metoprolol and labetalol may be useful for treating CNS and cardiovascular toxicity.
  • This may be done with labetalol or sodium nitroprusside given by injection into a vein.
  • Geriatric: the elderly are more likely to experience dizziness when taking labetalol. Labetalol should be dosed with caution in the elderly and counseled on this side effect.
  • Hydralazine is often used to treat hypertension in pregnancy, though, with either labetalol and/or methyldopa.
  • Efforts to keep a person's systolic blood pressure somewhere between 140 and 160 mmHg is generally recommended. Medications to achieve this may include labetalol or nicardipine.
  • It was followed by propranolol, sotalol, practolol, metoprolol, labetalol, acebutolol and bisoprolol.
  • β-blockers were developed having a relative selectivity for cardiac β1-receptors (for example metoprolol and atenolol), partial adrenergic agonist activity (pindolol), concomitant α-adrenergic blocking activity (for example labetalol and carvedilol) and additional direct vasodilator activity (nebivolol).
  • Common drugs used for blood pressure control during eclampsia are hydralazine or labetalol.
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