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Laks [ethnic group in Dagestan]Laken {pl} [ethnische Gruppe in Dagestan]
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Übersetzung für 'Laks' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Laks [ethnic group in Dagestan]
Laken {pl} [ethnische Gruppe in Dagestan]
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  • LAKS is asking all students to strike on 21 December because the government wants to shorten the summer holidays and increase the demanded clock hours to 1040 hours (just like 4 years ago).
  • The American English word "lox" is a borrowing of Yiddish "laks", itself derived from Proto-Germanic "*lahsaz" and ultimately Proto-Indo-European (PIE) "*laks".
  • Chechens and Laks live there.
  • Chechens, Avars and Laks live there.
  • Avars, Russians, Nogais, Dargins, Laks and Chechens live there.

  • Avars, Russians and Laks live there.
  • Dargins, Avars, Russians, Lezgins and Laks live there.
  • Avars, Laks, Rutuls and Russians live there.
  • Avars and Laks live there.
  • Dargins, Avars, Tabasarans, Laks and Russians live there.

  • Dargins, Avars, Laks, Russians and Azerbaijanis live there.
  • Avars, Dargins, Russians, Laks and Lezgins live there.
  • Avars, Kumyks, Laks, Lezgins and Dargins live there.
  • AVars, Laks, Dargins and Kumyks live there.
  • Kumyks, Dargins and Laks live there.

  • Around 80 laks rupees spent to build the Pathrakaliamman temple by Nadar community.
  • Nearly 15 laks people visit the temple every year.
  • Laks use the name "Lak" or "Lakral kanu" (the Lak place) to refer to Kumukh.
  • As per the census of India, 1921 approximately 6.88 laks sale or salve people were living in Madras, Rajasthan, Hyderabad and Bombay provinces.
  • Later, when the CIO Textile Workers Organizing Committee was formed, two Lovestoneites, Meyer Laks and Meyer Chanatzky were on the executive board of the new Paterson local.

  • The channel launched a Diwali contest named "Kohinoor Ki Diwali Heeron Waali" from October 17 to 31, where it gave away 45 laks worth of diamonds to 300 randomly selected participants.
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