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Laspeyres index
Laspeyres-Index {m}
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Übersetzung für 'Laspeyres-Index' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Laspeyres index
Laspeyres-Index {m}stat.
  • Laspeyres-Index {m} = Laspeyres index
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  • This is a Laspeyres index, because it is base-weighted. It would be possible to use a Paasche index or a Fisher index, but this is not customary.
  • The first to use weighted index numbers, Lowe in effect anticipated the Laspeyres index.
  • A type of this calculation is known today as the Laspeyres Index.
  • In the more realistic case of many products exchanged between many countries, terms of trade can be calculated using a Laspeyres index.
  • The United States switched to using chained volume series in 1996 as its featured method of putting GDP in constant-price terms. Before that it had used the Laspeyres index, a fixed-weight method.

  • He showed that the high rate of growth of Soviet industrial production was an effect of index number bias: a Laspeyres index calculated on the basis of 1926–1927 weights significantly overstates real expansion.
  • The two most basic formulae used to calculate price indices are the Paasche index (after the economist Hermann Paasche [...]) and the Laspeyres index (after the economist Etienne Laspeyres [...]).
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