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Lesgier {pl}
Lesginen {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'Lezgins' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Lesgier {pl}ethn.

Lesginen {pl}ethn.geogr.
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  • 63% are Lezgins and 9.06% are the Azerbaijanis. According to the data of 2009, Lezgins are 90.5%, Azerbaijanis are 9.1%, and other nationalities comprise 0.4%.
  • Cornell Azerbaijani government denies Lezgins claim that the number of Lezgins is many times higher than official numbers, but in private many Azeris acknowledge the fact that Lezgins – for that matter Talysh or the Kurdish population of Azerbaijan is far higher than the official figure.
  • In 1705-1707, the Shia Qizilbash unleashed terror against the Sunni Lezgins.
  • Lezgins, Azerbaijanis and Rutuls live there.
  • Lezgins and Rutuls live in the locality.

  • Lezgins and Azerbaijanis live there.
  • Avars, Dargins, Russians, Laks and Lezgins live there.
  • Avars, Kumyks, Laks, Lezgins and Dargins live there.
  • Tabasarans, Azerbaijanis, Lezgins and Aghuls live there.
  • Lezgins, Azerbaijanis and Tabasarans live there.

  • The fortress was presumably constructed around the church in the 18th century, when Georgia suffered from lezgins attacks.
  • In 1732 Kartli was fighting against lezgins, who were completely defeated under the walls of Ikorta castle.
  • In 2010, there were 3200 people. In 2002, there were 3059 people, (746 families-households). People village are lezgins nationality and Muslim-Sunni religion.
  • Lezgins are, "generally speaking", well integrated into the society of Azerbaijan.
  • A memorial book of the catholicosate says: "Outside of the city of Tiflis there was a church called Kamoyan, the priests and parishioners could not pray there every time because of fear of godless lezgins.

  • Ethnic Lezgins live in the village.
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