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M-Linie {f}
M-line [middle disc]
M-Scheibe {f} [Sarkomer, Muskulatur]
M-line [middle disc]
M-Streifen {m} [Sarkomer, Muskulatur]
M-line [middle disc]
Mittelscheibe {f} [Sarkomer, Muskulatur]
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  • On 4 June 2006, in Leppävirta, Finland, Vasara put the shot over the 20-m line for the first time in his career, making him the 20th member of the 20 meter club.
  • In the following case, InFile contains the undesired DOS (^M) line endings.
  • In Toronto, Lynn joined Howie Meeker and Ted Kennedy to form "The K-L-M Line." The trio played for three seasons, and helped the Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup in 1947, 1948 and 1949.
  • At the Olympics the only K-4 race is over 1000 m and Reneysky dropped Skurkouski from the 1000 m line-up in favour of Turchyn. Belarus finished sixth in the Olympic final.
  • Texas's first drive of the game ended when Henry Melton was stopped on a fourth-and-one run at the Aggie eight-yard (7 m) line.
  • Edlin was created by Tim Paterson in two weeks in 1980, for Seattle Computer Products's 86-DOS (QDOS) based on the CP/M line editor "ED" — a distant relative of the UNIX "ed" text editor.
  • Therefore, the four profiles are often put into two groups, the M-line for the first two profiles listed and the N-line for the last two listed.
  • It was planned to be succeeded by the NetBurst microarchitecture used by the Pentium 4 in 2000, but was revived for the Pentium M line of microprocessors.
  • An N-terminal Z-disc region and a C-terminal M-line region bind to the Z-line and M-line of the sarcomere, respectively, so that a single titin molecule spans half the length of a sarcomere.
  • All these cars are true BMW Motorsport models, not M-line sport models that bear BMW Motorsport features such as sport body kits, and interior specs.
  • On the upper level are the tracks of lines 8 and 10 both heading east on either side of an island platform, measuring 105 m (line 8) and 75 m (line 10) respectively, as well as the track of line 10 in the direction of "Boulogne" located in a half-station separated by a wall on the east of the island platform, comprising a single track with a side platform measuring 105 m in length, a feature unique on the line.
  • Finally, the H-zone is bisected by a dark central line called the M-line (from the German "mittel" meaning middle).
  • In 2010, he led Lanvin's work on an H&M line, including tulle dresses and bejeweled necklaces.
  • Where targets are shallow (<200 m), aeromag anomalies may be followed up with ground magnetic surveys on 10 m to 50 m line spacing with 1 m station spacing to provide the best detail (2 to 10 m pixel grid) (or 25 times the resolution prior to drilling).
  • The near collapse of the viaduct over the river was the cause of the termination of the passenger operation on the QY&M line in February 1951.
  • A white 200 m line marks [...] before the finish.
  • Players can move only one square at a time, including those diagonally, the central square (ring & bull) representing midfield, as well as those of the triple area (representing the opponent's defensive wall or the 22 m line) so as to finally attain a square of the opponent's double section (the try-scoring area), its central square representing the opponent's goal, i.e.
  • light rail lines stop at the Uptown/CityPlace station (located within the West Village District).
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