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methacrylic acid <MAA>
Methacrylsäure {f} <MAS>
marketing authorization application <MAA>
Antrag {m} auf Genehmigung für das Inverkehrbringen
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  • A live version of "Pimeä maa" appears on the 1997 compilation album "Cloaca Maxima".
  • Note: Estonian "maakond" means "county" and "maa" means "land". Counties given here without the suffix -"maa" take their names (and etymologies as given here) from their capitals.
  • More information can be found on the MAA website: www.maa.net.
  • Negation is expressed with the prefix ma-/maa-, which attaches to the verb. It precedes the subject agreement prefix, but it follows the tense prefixes.
  • Special prayers are held every Tuesday and Saturday wherein "Kheer" or "Khichdi" is offered to Kali maa as prasad by her devotees and is distributed among all.

  • Besides theatrical roles he also played on several films ("Agent Wild Duck", "A Friend of Mine" and "Vana daami visiit") and television series ("Tuulepealne maa" and "Õnne 13").
  • Oldest temple of Bihar Maa Chandika Bhawani Temple is situated just 1 km south from Khajuraha.
  • In Dakshineswar Kali temple, he sees (Madhabi Mukherjee), a woman being referred to as Maa by children begging for alms, He believed her to be his mother.
  • Rajan's debut song baash maa chhaina mero mann as "my heart is not in my control" became an instant classic hit in 1990s.
  • His was famous for his 9th album titled "Amona tete maa bo", released in 1984.

  • Maa budhi Thakurani, popularly known as 'Thakurani Yatra' is an annual festival in the village.
  • The 14-wheeled ‘Taldhwaja’(the chariot of Lord Balabhadra) moves first and reaches the ‘Mausi-maa’ temple.
  • Kauan released their third album, "Aava tuulen maa", on 18 November 2009 on Firebox Records/BadMoodMan Music.
  • Naistekivi maa is an island belonging to the country of Estonia.
  • When the cow asks each farm animal if they have seen her moo, the animals response varies such as "maa, maa" and "quack quack".

  • After tens, the number indicated in the tens are marked with "maa" meaning "and".
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