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SYNO medium frequency | MF
millifarad <mF>
Millifarad {n} <mF>
myelofibrosis <MF>
Myelofibrose {f} <MF>
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mezzo-forte {adj} {adv} <mf>
mezzoforte <mf>
maintenance factor <MF>
Wartungs­faktor {m} <WF>
maintenance float <MF>
Umlaufreserve {f}
mandibular fracture <MF> [Fractura mandibulae, Fractura ossis mandibulae]
Mandibularfraktur {f}
mandibular fracture <MF> [Fractura mandibulae, Fractura ossis mandibulae]
Fraktur {f} des Unterkiefers
medium format <MF>
Mittelformat {n}
medium frequency <MF>
Mittelfrequenz {f} <MF>
membrane filtration <MF>Membranfiltration {f}
microfiltration membrane <MF membrane>
Mikrofiltrationsmembran {f}
mixed franking <MF> [stamps of various issues]
Mischfrankatur {f} <MiF>
modifying factor <MF>
modifizierender Faktor {m} <MF>
motor function <MF>
motorische Funktion {f}
mycosis fungoides <MF>
Mycosis fungoides {f} <MF>
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medium-frequency band <MF band>Mittelfrequenzband {n}
melamine-formaldehyde resin <MF resin>
Melamin-Formaldehyd-Harz / Melamin-Formaldehydharz {n} <MF-Harz>
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  • Millifarad {n} <mF> = millifarad <mF>
  • mezzoforte <mf> = mezzo-forte <mf>
  • Messfehler {m} <MF> = measurement error <ME>
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  • mf is an assigned Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) that was to be created for the Collectivity of Saint Martin, but it is currently not in use, as it is not available for registration nor website use of the domain.
  • Fæstningens Materialgård, Frederiksholms Kanal 30, st. mf., 1220 Copenhagen K. Denmark.
  • In fitting to a two-state model, the logarithm of the folding and unfolding rates is assumed to depend linearly on the denaturant concentration, thus resulting in the slopes mf and mu, called the folding and unfolding m-values, respectively (also called the kinetic m-values).
  • This form of contrast is an effective way to quantify contrast for periodic functions "f"("x") and is also known as the modulation "mf" of a periodic signal "f".
  • The direction of the kick is given by the polarization of the light, which is either left or right handed circular, giving different interactions with the different mf levels.

  • Kapoor made his movie debut as the male lead opposite Tabu in "Meenaxi: A Tale of Three Cities" (2004) which was helmed by painter MF Hussain.
  • The IC3 (or DSB class MF) is a Danish-built high-comfort medium/long distance diesel multiple-unit train.
  • Therefore, if mf is taken, even the AC output voltage harmonics will appear at normalized odd frequencies, fh.
  • The terms can have different designations, mF for single line systems, mΦ for doublets and mf for triplets.
  • Two-hybrid experiments revealed interacting proteins such as Myogenic repressor I-mf. an E3 ubiquitin protein ligase.

  • For a time, the entire armoured corps consisted of ten Stridsvagn mf/21s.
  • Critiques of the MMPI-A include a non-representative clinical norms sample, overlap in what the clinical scales measure, irrelevance of the mf scale, as well as long length and high reading level of the instrument.
  • Likewise, the rare occurrences of the combinations -nf-, -mf- and -ns- have similar explanations.
  • These first two B sections start at a "mf" and slowly crescendo all the way to "ff" in measure 31.
  • The microfilaria (plural microfilariae, sometimes abbreviated mf) is an early stage in the life cycle of certain parasitic nematodes in the family Onchocercidae.

  • Modulated force TM (mf-TM) is when the force is changed with a frequency and amplitude; previously called DMA.
  • Consonant sounds "nt", "nd", "k", "mf", and "mv" often result in allophones of [...].
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