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multifunction device <MFD>
Multifunktionsgerät {n} <MFP>
multifunctional device <MFD>
Multifunktionsgerät {n} <MFP>
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  • The Model 360 featured a glass cockpit with six multi-function displays (MFD).
  • The MFD currently operates out of 19 Fire Stations, located throughout the city in 5 Battalions, under the command of 5 Battalion Chiefs and 1 Deputy Chief each shift.
  • Navdata and Approach Charts on the MFD can be updated via the USB port on the MFD (which is not suitable for charging).
  • The study revealed that city sectors with approximate area of 10 km2 are expected to have well-defined MFD functions.
  • The Minneapolis Fire Department (MFD) created the National Incident Management System command center in the parking lot of the American Red Cross and an adjacent printing company on the west bank.

  • Metro Finance Digital (MFD) focuses on Mainland China and the worldwide financial market, with educational programmes on investment.
  • Depending on the airplane manufacturer and whether or not a GFC 700 autopilot is installed, the G1000 system will consist of either two GDU 1040 displays (no autopilot), a GDU 1040 PFD/GDU 1043 MFD (GFC 700 autopilot installed), or a GDU 1045 PFD/GDU 1045 MFD (GFC 700 autopilot installed with VNAV).
  • Soon, MFD controlled a market share exceeding 90% in several routes.
  • The fourth block, called the "Master File Directory" or MFD, is the directory header for the minidisk.
  • She entered service with MFD in July 2000, sailing between Piraeus and Cyclades.

  • The crew also supported the Manipulator Flight Demonstration (MFD) experiment being sponsored by NASDA, the Japanese Space Agency.
  • Mutation Frequency Decline ("mfd") is the gene which encodes the protein Mfd (also known as Transcription Repair Coupling Factor, TRCF).
  • Modular Function Deployment (MFD) is a method for creating modular product architectures, based on research performed at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in the 1990s.
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