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multifactor productivity <MFP>
Multifaktorproduktivität {f} <MFP>
mean free path <MFP>
mittlere freie Weglänge {f}
multi-factor productivity <MFP>
Mehrfaktorenproduktivität {f}
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  • Multifaktorproduktivität {f} <MFP> = multifactor productivity <MFP>
  • Multifunktionsgerät {n} <MFP> = multifunction device <MFD>
  • Multifunktionsgerät {n} <MFP> = multifunctional device <MFD>
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  • This first version of the MFP was to be of all-welded construction to save weight.
  • The MFP was intended to have an initial population of 100,000, though some modelling was done on the assumption of a population up to 250,000.
  • The Music for Pleasure (MFP) label was founded in 1965 as a joint venture between EMI, which provided the source material, and the publisher Paul Hamlyn, which handled distribution in so-called non-traditional outlets, such as W.H.
  • The MFP Master Financial Planner designation from the American Academy of Financial Management is also the graduate designation for financial planners.
  • MFP internal software, by comparison, has the advantage of not requiring anything outside of the MFP.

  • In 2002, two city employees were fired over allegations of the misleading council over lease agreements with MFP Financial Services.
  • The album was reissued in the UK in 1972 by EMI's budget label mfp, under the title "Way Down South", featuring the original track listing and new cover art.
  • The album was reissued in the UK in 1983 by EMI's budget label mfp, under the title "All I Have to Do Is Dream", featuring new cover art and a slightly re-sequenced track listing, including the duo's 1969 single "All I Have to Do Is Dream".
  • Music for Pleasure (or MFP) and Classics for Pleasure (CFP) were British record labels that issued budget-priced albums of popular and classical music respectively.
  • In June 2001, the City of Waterloo filed suit against MFP, one of its sales representatives, and two companies that bought part of the debt from MFP: Clarica —now Sun Life Financial—and Maritime Life.

  • MFP is also used in some medications for the treatment of osteoporosis.
  • In a growing economy, capital is accumulated faster than people are born, so the denominator in the growth function under the MFP calculation is growing faster than in the ALP calculation.
  • In May, 1999, the city issued a Request For Quotations for its new computer acquisition needs. MFP was one of the bidders, and was awarded the contract in July of that year.
  • The following is an incomplete list of films produced by MFP (1947–1969). Also included are early Malay films (1937–1941) produced under the Shaw Brothers banner before they formed MFP.
  • Local and state shares of the MFP vary from district to district.

  • Piveteau has recorded at least French baroque music (for Adda), Le Chant du Monde and Virgin Veritas) and the complete keyboard sonatas by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Arpeggio ARG 001–005 / ARG 006) as well as duo sonatas for violin and piano by Ludwig van Beethoven (together with Roseline Piveteau; Mfp MFP 6068).
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