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medial pterygoid muscle <MPM> [Musculus pterygoideus medialis]
innerer Flügelmuskel {m}
metra potential method <MPM>
Metra-Potenzial-Methode {f} <MPM>
multi-project management <MPM>
Mehrprojektmanagement {n}
multi-project management <MPM>
Multiprojektmanagement {n} <MPM> [auch: Multiprojekt-Management]
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  • Multiprojektmanagement {n} <MPM> [auch: Multiprojekt-Management] = multi-project management <MPM>
  • Metra-Potenzial-Methode {f} <MPM> = metra potential method <MPM>
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  • Recently, an MPM implementation based on a micro-polar Cosserat continuum has been used to simulate high-shear granular flow, such as silo discharge.
  • URC R 69. MPM 114 Ic V - 4 eggs. MPM 115 R. MPM 116 R.
  • NetAccess Series Remote Access cards (RAS) included models ISDN, and the world's first multiport modem (MPM-4 and MPM-8).
  • For the Nations cup held outdoors, 4* and 5* competitions must ride 400 meters per minute, 375 mpm for 3* competition, and 350 for 1* and 2* competition.
  • A lithium–ammonia solution at −60 °C is saturated at about 15 mol% metal (MPM).

  • Steeplechase speed increased to 690 mpm. Cross-country was shortened by 2 km and required 32–34 fences that were a maximum of 1.2 meters in height and was to be ridden at the heightened speed of 570 mpm.
  • In 2011, Apple posted a support document about the strain-relief problems with the MPM-1 ("T")-style MagSafe power cables, and issued settlement offer for buyers of Apple 60 W or 85 W MagSafe MPM-1 adapter within the first three years of purchase.
  • Manufacturing process management (MPM) is a collection of technologies and methods used to define how products are to be manufactured.
  • In February 2020, Dana–Farber Cancer Institute inked an investing collaboration deal with MPM Capital.
  • The present Mayor is Aurélio Ferreira, elected by the independent movement +MPM, a coalition formed by MPM and +Concelho. The municipal holiday is Ascension Day.

  • MPM Motors is preparing a championship dedicated to MPM models. The MPM Cup takes place on French circuits from 2019.
  • The speed of a piece of music can also be gauged according to measures per minute (mpm) or bars per minute (bpm), the number of measures of the piece performed in one minute.
  • The western half of the Easter hotspot chain, a lineament that includes the Line Islands and Tuamotu archipelago, begins near the eastern part of the MPM.
  • The TagAZ Aquila is now produced in Europe, in the Paris suburbs by small-scale producer of cars, by MPM Motors (Mikhail Paramonov Manufacturing).
  • Measures per minute, or MPM, refers to the tempo of the music according to the number of measures or bars occurring in one minute of music.

  • FOG-MPM (Fiber Optics Guided Multiple Purpose Missile) is a missile built by the Brazilian company Avibras.
  • These were MPM 21526, a piece of a cervical vertebra; MPM 21527: two middle vertebrae; MPM 21528: a sacrum minus the third sacral vertebra; MPM 21529: thirty anterior, middle and posterior vertebrae of different individuals; MPM 21530: the bottom of a right shoulder blade; MPM 21531: the lower end of a left humerus; MPM 21532: the main body of a left pubic bone; MPM 21533: a set of young animals of which the upper side of a right thigh bone, three upper sides of a left thigh bone, three lower sides of a left thigh bone and two shafts of a thigh bone; MPM 21534: the lower end of a tibia; MPM 21535: the ends of a second metatarsal; MPM 21536: the lower end of a third left metatarsal leg; MPM 21537: the ends of a fourth metatarsal; MPM 21538: the fourth metatarsal bone of a young animal; MPM 21539L: the first foot of the first toe, first foot of the second toe and the second and third foot of the fourth toe; MPM 21540: six foot claws; and MPM 21541: the second and third toes of a young animal.
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