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NOUN   an MP | MPs
SYNO mononuclear phagocyte system | MPS | system of macrophages
mucopolysaccharidosis <MPS>
Mukopolysaccharidose {f} <MPS>
2 Wörter
MPS list Robinsonliste {f} [Jargon] [für Postwerbung] [auch: Robinson-Liste]
3 Wörter
members of parliament <MPs>
Parlamentsmitglieder {pl}
Members of Parliament <MPs>
Parlamentsabgeordnete {pl}
meter per second <m/s, mps> [Am.]
Meter {m} {n} pro Sekunde <m/s>
metre per second <m/s, mps> [Br.]
Meter {m} {n} pro Sekunde <m/s>
mononuclear phagocyte system <MPS>
retikulohistiozytäres System {n} <RHS>
mononuclear phagocyte system <MPS>
mononukleär-phagozytierendes System {n} <MPS>
myocardial perfusion scintigraphy <MPS>
Myokardperfusionsszintigrafie {f} <MPS>
myocardial perfusion scintigraphy <MPS>
Myokardperfusionsszintigraphie {f} <MPS>
myofascial pain syndrome <MPS>
myofasziales Schmerzsyndrom {n} <MSS>
4 Wörter
mail preference service (list) <MPS> [Robinson list service] Robinsonliste {f} [Jargon] [für Postwerbung] [auch: Robinson-Liste]
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  • Mikroprozessorschnittstelle {f} <MPS> = microprocessor interface <MPI>
  • Mukopolysaccharidose {f} <MPS> = mucopolysaccharidosis <MPS>
  • Myokardperfusionsszintigrafie {f} <MPS> = myocardial perfusion scintigraphy <MPS>
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Kenyan press reported that 30 mps of small parties formed "Small Parties Parliamentary Group" which would include some members who are counted above as affiliated to PNU.
  • The parliamentary borough of Andover, in the county of Hampshire (or as it was still sometimes known before about the eighteenth centuries, Southamptonshire), sent MPs to the parliaments of 1295 and 1302–1307.
  • Initially the party consisted of 4 MPs: Woonton, Pare, then-education minister Jim Marurai and Democratic backbenchers Teenui Mapumai and Poko Simpson.
  • From its creation in 1974, the constituency consistently elected Labour MPs with large majorities.
  • Since the 2010s, an increasing number of prominent social conservative party mps have been removed as conservative mps such as Brad Trost in 2019, and Derek Sloan in 2021.

  • Thomas Kempstone was one of the two MPs for Ipswich in the English parliament of December 1421.
  • She has also obtained two other results under 13 seconds, but with a wind higher than the norm of +2.0 mps.
  • Ablakwa further claimed that four other minority MPs, Sampson Ahi, Eric Opoku, Nii Lante Vanderpuye and Yiele Chireh, questioned the source of the money since it was not a part of their sitting allowance, and fearing it could be a bribe also promptly returned it.
  • On 31 October 2006, Simpson was among the 12 Labour MPs to back Plaid Cymru and the Scottish National Party's call for an inquiry into the Iraq War.
  • MPS "(often known as "mapsi" or "ämpsi")" is widely appreciated for their good work in developing junior football.

  • The SI unit symbols are m/s, m·s−1, m s−1, or [...]. Sometimes it is abbreviated as "mps".
  • On 14 April 1631, Hoby married Katherine Doddington (died 1687) daughter and co-heiress of Mary (née Herbert) Doddington and Sir William Doddington of Breamore House in Hampshire.
  • The party briefly regained a parliamentary seat when Minister for Environment and Conservation Thompson Harokaqveh crossed to the party and assumed the leadership in April 2012.
  • Campaign Group MP Alan Simpson launched Labour Against The War to coordinate parliamentary opposition to Tony Blair's decision to follow George W.
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