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magnetic particle test <MPT>
Magnetpulverprüfung {f} <MPP>
magnetic particle testing <MPT> [ISO]
Magnetpulverprüfung {f} <MPP> [DIN EN ISO]
Menard pressuremeter test <MPT>
Pressiometerversuch {m} nach Ménard
microwave plasma torch atomic emission spectrometry <MPT-AES>
Mikrowellen-Plasmafackel-Atomemissionsspektrometrie {f} [auch engl. Abk.: MPT-AES]
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  • 4-HO-MPT is not scheduled at the federal level in the United States, but it is possible that 4-HO-MPT could legally be considered an analog of psilocin, in which case, sales or possession with intent for human consumption could potentially be prosecuted under the Federal Analogue Act.
  • The foundation of traditional finance is associated with the modern portfolio theory (MPT) and the efficient-market hypothesis (EMH).
  • The file to enable or disable mpxio has been moved in Solaris 10 from "/kernel/drv/scsi_vhci.conf" to the bottom of the file "/kernel/drv/fp.conf" and "/kernel/drv/mpt.conf".
  • mm TLDs to the two name servers managed by Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications, "ns0.mpt.net.mm" and "ns1.mpt.net.mm", both servers were located in Yangon.
  • The 2018 Myanmar National League, also known as the 2018 MPT Myanmar National League, is the 9th season of the Myanmar National League, the top Burmese professional league for association football clubs since its founding in 2009.

  • The two deep bear markets in the first decade of the 21st century challenged the conventional wisdom such as Efficient Market Hypothesis or Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT).
  • Normative assumptions, which serve as a basis for earlier theories like modern portfolio theory (MPT) and the capital asset pricing model (CAPM), are absent from SPT.
  • MPT also advocates for peace in the Middle East from its home in Michigan.
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