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the Maasai {pl} [people]die Massai {pl} [als Volk]
Maasai giraffe [Giraffa camelopardalis tippelskirchi]
Massai-Giraffe {f}
Maasai giraffe [Giraffa camelopardalis tippelskirchi]
Weinblatt-Giraffe / Weinblattgiraffe {f}
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  • During the event held on 14 August 2016, he led a declaration by the maasai community to rejoin the Jubilee Coalition.
  • The Ol Donyo Orok mountain (in maasai language), also called Namanga Hills, is situated in southern Kenya next to the Tanzanian border in the Namanga Division.
  • Maasai are the indigenous and prominent tribe in the area.
  • In 2017 Maasai activist Samwel Nangiria discovered that many Maasai objects donated by Hollis to the Pitt Rivers Museum had been mislabelled and likely either stolen and taken by the Maasai under coercion.
  • In 1900 the secret was revealed that he was again conspired with other chagga leaders and maasai and meru leaders to bring the biggest war to the Germans and expel them from Kilimanjaro once and for all, before that plan materialize he was captured jailed and after a trial he was found guilt and hanged outside the Germans boma on top of a deep ravine to Msangachi river at his residence in Old Moshi, Tsudunyi village with his 19 other followers who were his fellow leaders from everywhere in Kilimanjaro and Arusha.

  • During Kimnyole's reign, internecine conflicts of the 1870s and 80s between the various Maasai factions saw the routing of the Uasin Gishu Maasai by a combined force of the Naivasha and Laikipia Maasai.
  • The Mukogodo assimilated to the pastoralist culture of the Maasai in the first half of the twentieth century (1920s and 1930s), although some still keep bees.
  • Nakuru has local skaters that are easily notable in the Maasai market area on weekends. The Maasai market also has skateboarders.
  • Their style mixes elements from international hip hop and traditional Maasai music, represented by Maasai singer Merege.
  • However, there is evidence that two sheep breeds, in particular Indonesian thin tail sheep and Red maasai sheep, are resistant to "F.

  • Mbatian (died 1890) was a Maasai laibon known for prophesies that he made and consequent victories by Maasai warriors that were attributed to him.
  • By the end of the nineteenth century however, Maasai, and many outside observers began to think of all non-Maasai Loikop as socially inferior sub-set of the now dominant Maasai community.
  • In 2008, Big Life was approached by Maasai elders for assistance in ending lion hunting within the Maasai warrior culture.
  • He introduced the Sahiwal cattle in maasai land in 1956 and cross bread them with Freshian cattle to increase milk production, this enabled him to solely supply milk to Ol-Kejuado High School, Kajiado district hospital and individual customers.
  • In 2014, Koutaniemi won the Visa D'or Daily Press Award in Visa pour l’Image in Perpignan, France, and Freelens Award in Lumix Photo Festival in Hannover, (Germany) with her reportage about female genital mutilation of two maasai girls.

  • On 17 April 2013, Bokoko hosted the Pikolinos Maasai Gala at the United Nations in collaboration to support the Kenyan tribe.
  • Budgor has received criticism for her claim to have become the first female Maasai warrior.
  • The Maasai Football Federation (MFF), also known as the Maasai Football Association, is the governing body of association football among the Maasai people of Kenya and Tanzania.
  • Historically occupied by the Maasai community, the name "Ongata Rongai" is a Maasai phrase which translates to "narrow plains".
  • Kikuyu farmed sugar cane and banana among other crops while Maasai kept cattle.

  • These accusations made him one of the most followed maasai politician on both Facebook and Twitter.
  • The name "Thika" originates either from the Kikuyu language or from the Maasai language. It also resembles the Maasai word "sika", which means "to rub something away from an edge".
  • The name "Lari" is derived from the Maasai language meaning "the place of green grass".
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