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Maastricht criteria
Maastricht-Kriterien {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'Maastricht criteria' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Maastricht criteria
Maastricht-Kriterien {pl}econ.EUfin.
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  • While at the Ministry of Finance, Fenech worked on Malta's convergence with the Maastricht criteria for accession to the eurozone.
  • Therefore, the Maastricht criteria which forms the condition of joining the Eurozone acts as an authoritative guideline to Hungarian fiscal politics.
  • Within the EU, accusations have been made that off-budget enterprises are sometimes used by national governments to circumvent the Stability and Growth Pact, as public debt will no longer appear in the annual budget deficit and in total public debt, which may not exceed certain percentages of GDP (3% and 60% respectively) under the Maastricht criteria.
  • European countries experienced intense processes of fiscal adjustment during the 1990s, in order to match the Maastricht criteria and to accede to the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU).
  • Mindful that the government might have to take politically costly decisions in advance of the legislative elections planned for spring 1998 in order to ensure that France met the Maastricht criteria for the single currency of the EU, Chirac decided in April 1997 to call early elections.
  • The euro convergence criteria (also known as the Maastricht criteria) are the criteria European Union member states are required to meet to enter the third stage of the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) and adopt the euro as their currency.
  • Both sought to reduce deficits and debt prospects as they entered the European Union and European Monetary Union, and thus had to fulfill the Maastricht criteria.
  • Some of these rules were known as the Maastricht criteria, enshrined in the EU Stability and Growth Pact and facilitating the smooth transition to the Eurozone.
  • In addition to these self-imposed criteria the UK would also have had to have met the European Union's economic convergence criteria ("Maastricht criteria") before being allowed to adopt the euro.
  • The 3% rule was later incorporated into the Maastricht criteria, which establishes the requirements potential member states should meet to enter the third stage of the Eurozone and adopt the euro as their currency.
  • In his opinion, the strict fulfillment of the Maastricht Criteria had to be guaranteed by all means.
  • The UK would also have to meet the EU's economic convergence criteria (Maastricht criteria) before being allowed to adopt the euro; which at that time the UK's annual government deficit to the gross domestic product (GDP) was above the defined threshold.
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