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NOUN1   a Maastrichtian [person] | Maastrichtians
NOUN2   the Maastrichtian [period] | -
NOUN3   Maastrichtian [dialect] | -
Maastricht {n} [kurz für: Maastrichtium]
Maastrichtian [female from Maastricht] Maastrichterin {f} [weibliche Person aus Maastricht]
Maastrichtian [male from Maastricht] Maastrichter {m} [männliche Person aus Maastricht]
Maastrichtian [stage of the Late Cretaceous]
Maastrichtium {n} [Stufe der Oberkreide]
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  • According to radiometric dating the BM diatremes were emplaced about 70 to 78 million years ago during the Campanian to Maastrichtian stages of the Late Cretaceous epoch.
  • "Phyllodus" is an extinct genus of bony fish from the Maastrichtian to Middle Miocene.
  • "Pucapristis" is a prehistoric genus of sclerorhynchid ray whose fossils first appear in the fossil record in rocks dating from the Maastrichtian stage.
  • Three species are known, "Pluridens walkeri" from the early Maastrichtian of Niger, "P. calabaria" from the Campanian of Nigeria, and "P. serpentis" from the late Maastrichtian of Morocco.
  • Rhabdodontids and Nodosaurids were overtaken by Hadrosaurids as the dominating herbivorous dinosaur group during the Maastrichtian period, 72.1–66.0 million years ago, of the Late Cretaceous.

  • Fossil specimens ascribed to the Retroplumidae are known from the Late Cretaceous onwards, with "Archaeopus antennatus" in Coniacian–Maastrichtian rocks in California and "Archaeopus ezoensis" from Turonian–Maastrichtian rocks from Japan.
  • Hațeg Island was a large offshore island in the Tethys Sea which existed during the Late Cretaceous period, probably from the Cenomanian to the Maastrichtian ages.
  • "Baculites ovatus" is known from the Maastrichtian Navesink Formation in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey.
  • "Sierraceratops" was originally referred to the genus "Torosaurus", based in part on the assumption that the fossils dated to the Late Maastrichtian.
  • "Simurghia" was discovered in upper Maastrichtian phosphates located in the Ouled Abdoun Basin of Northern Morocco.

  • "Barbaridactylus" was discovered in upper Maastrichtian phosphates located in the Ouled Abdoun Basin of Northern Morocco.
  • "Alcione" was discovered in upper Maastrichtian phosphates located in the Ouled Abdoun Basin of Northern Morocco.
  • The Qiupa Formation is a Late Cretaceous Maastrichtian geologic formation in Henan Province, central China.
  • The genesis of the anticlinal ridges in the northern Aquitaine Basin is generally attributed to an "endcampanian-maastrichtian phase" at the end of the Cretaceous.
  • It is known from a partial skull and skeleton found in late Maastrichtian-age rocks of Spain.

  • During the Maastrichtian the end of the Cretaceous dinosaurs were dominating western and Central Europe as the Tremp Formation in Spain dates back to that age.
  • The social status of Maastrichtian speakers is determined by the type of sociolect spoken by a certain person, with a division between Short Maastrichtian or Standard Maastrichtian ("Kort Mestreechs", "Standaardmestreechs") and Long/Stretched Maastrichtian ("Laank Mestreechs").
  • In 2002 the municipal government officially adopted a local anthem (Limburgish (Maastrichtian variant): "Mestreechs Volksleed", [...]) composed of lyrics in Maastrichtian.
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