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NOUN   a making-of | makings-of / making-ofs
Making-of {n}
3 Wörter
making enemies ofverfeindend
making use of sth. {adv} [e.g. of all means]unter Einsatz etw.Gen. [z. B. aller Mittel]
making of gold
Goldmacherei {f} [Goldmachen]
making of profitsGewinnerzielung {f}
4 Wörter
of one's (own) making {adj}hausgemacht [selbst verschuldet]
art of making preserves
Kunst {f} des Einmachens
basis of decision-makingEntscheidungs­grundlage {f}
making of the Covenant
Bundesschluss {m}
making use of leftoversResteverwertung {f}
mistake of his makingFehler {m} von ihm
possibility of making copiesVervielfältigungs­möglichkeit {f}
process of decision-makingEntscheidungs­prozess {m}
theory of decision-makingEntscheidungs­theorie {f}
tradition of violin making
Geigenbautradition {f}
5+ Wörter
ungeprüft by way of making one's point more concretely {adv}um seinen Standpunkt zu konkretisieren
This is of my own making.Das habe ich selbst gemacht.
making the sign of the cross
Bekreuzigen {n}
making the sign of the cross
Bekreuzigung {f}
Fiktion (Literatur und Film)
A Modest Proposal: For Preventing the Children of Poor People in Ireland from Being a Burden to Their Parents or Country, and for Making Them Beneficial to the Public [Jonathan Swift]
Bescheidener Vorschlag, wie man verhüten kann, dass die Kinder armer Leute in Irland ihren Eltern oder dem Lande zur Last fallen, und wie sie der Allgemeinheit nutzbar gemacht werden können
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  • Making-of {n} = making-of
  • (kurzes) Making-of {n} [Filmjargon] = featurette
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • John Gower in the fourteenth century defined astrology as essentially limited to the making of predictions.
  • The use and making of icons entered Kievan Rus' following its conversion to Orthodox Christianity from the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire in 988 AD.
  • IBM was consulted during the making of the film and their logo can be seen on props in the film, including the Pan Am Clipper's cockpit instrument panel and on the lower arm keypad on Poole's space suit.
  • It contained a 30-page oral history of the making of the film, comprising the most extensive series of interviews yet conducted on "Harold and Maude".
  • In the decision making of loan officers, it can be argued that monetary incentives are a key factor in biased decision making – making it hard to examine the gambler's fallacy effect.

  • The making of "Gundam Wing" was influenced by "Mobile Fighter G Gundam" with the idea of having five main characters.
  • In 1874, physician Sir William Roberts noted that cultures of the mould "Penicillium glaucum" that is used in the making of some types of blue cheese did not display bacterial contamination.
  • "Lokasenna" also mentions that Freyr has servants called Byggvir and Beyla. They seem to have been associated with the making of bread.
  • A director is the person who directs the making of a film.
  • Screen Rant announced the publication a new book on the making of the film by John Walsh entitled "Escape From New York: The Official Story of the Film" to be published on September 28, 2021, by Titan Books.

  • Like du Monceau, his example was the making of pins.
  • Home movie footage included in "Inside the Making of Dr.
  • One erroneous theory is that the "shire" suffix is due to a mistake in the making of the original letters patent for the Duke of Devonshire, resident in Derbyshire.
  • The Recordable Audio CD is typically somewhat more expensive than CD-R due to lower production volume and a 3 percent AHRA royalty used to compensate the music industry for the making of a copy.
  • It applies both to the making of administrative decisions and the judicial review of these decisions in courts.

  • In the 1840s the invention of vulcanized rubber allowed the making of small hand-held catapults, either improvised from Y-shaped sticks or manufactured for sale; both were popular with children and teenagers.
  • "AK", by French video essay director Chris Marker, was filmed while Kurosawa was working on "Ran"; however, the documentary is more concerned about Kurosawa's distant yet polite personality than on the making of the film.
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