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NOUN   the Mason-Dixon line | -
SYNO Mason-Dixon line | Mason and Dixon's line | Mason and Dixon line
Mason-Dixon line
Mason-Dixon-Linie {f}
4 Wörter
Mason and Dixon line
Mason-Dixon-Linie {f}
Mason's and Dixon's line
Mason-Dixon-Linie {f}
Dixon technique
Dixon-Technik {f}
Mr Dixon [Bob the Builder]
Herr Dirksen [Bob der Baumeister]
Steinmetz {m}
Maurer {m}
mason bee
Mauerbiene {f}
Mason Glacier
Mason-Gletscher {m}
Master MasonMeister {m} [Freimaurerei]
Apprentice MasonLehrling {m} [Freimaurerei]
fellow masonLogenbruder {m} [Freimaurer]
Mount Mason
Mount Mason {m}
brick mason
Maurer {m}
Mason [Freemason]Freimaurer {m}
Fellowcraft MasonGeselle {m} [Freimaurerei]
mason hammerMauerhammer {m}
mason's hammer
Maurerhammer {m}
mason's work
Maurerarbeit {f}
town master mason
Stadtbaumeister {m}
Mason jar [Am.]
Weckglas {n} mit einem Metallschraubdeckel
mason's feltMaurerfilz {m}
mason's mark
Steinmetzzeichen {n}
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  • It then crosses the Mason Dixon Line and spends the next 95 miles in Pennsylvania, traversing Tuscarora Mountain then Blue Mountain.
  • West Manheim Township is a township in York County, Pennsylvania, United States, just north of the Mason-Dixon Line.
  • The MasonDixon Line marks the border between the township and Maryland.
  • Its Horseshore Scout Reservation straddles the MasonDixon line between these two counties.
  • In reality, the east-west MasonDixon line is not a true straight line in the geometric sense, but is instead a series of many adjoining line segments, following a path between latitude 39°43′15″ N and 39°43′23″ N.

  • In 1767, a new Pennsylvania-Maryland border was officially established by the Mason-Dixon line.
  • For example, the Southern United States, separated from the Northeastern United States by the MasonDixon line, or the South of England, which is politically and economically unmatched with all of the North of England.
  • Until recently, when more NFL teams have started to wear white at home at least once a season, the Browns were the only non-subtropical team north of the Mason-Dixon line to wear white at home on a regular basis.
  • The border between Maryland and Delaware, which resulted from the 80-year-long Penn–Calvert Boundary Dispute, consists of the east–west Transpeninsular Line and the perpendicular north–south portion of the MasonDixon line extending north to just beyond its tangential intersection with the Twelve-Mile Circle which forms Delaware's border with Pennsylvania.
  • The river is sometimes considered as the western extension of the MasonDixon Line that divided Pennsylvania from Maryland, and thus part of the border between free and slave territory, and between the Northern and Southern United States or Upper South.

  • The agreement defined the border between Maryland and Pennsylvania as the line of latitude now known as the MasonDixon line.
  • The Interstate eventually crosses the MasonDixon line into York County, Pennsylvania, [...] north of Baltimore, mere feet from a partial interchange with Freeland Road and parallel with MD 45; the latter route becomes the Susquehanna Trail when it reaches Pennsylvania.
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