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NOUN   Moira | -
Moira {f} [griechische Mythologie]
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Übersetzung für 'Moira' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Moira {f} [griechische Mythologie]myth.
  • Moira {f} [griechische Mythologie] = Moira
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  • Whilst at a restaurant with Moira, Bourne senses somebody watching him.
  • Moira (...) is a village located southeast of Patras, Greece.
  • The word "moura", (moira, maura) (medieval: mora) feminine of "mouro", is thought to originate from the Celtic *MRVOS and the Indo-European "mr-tuos" that originated in Latin the word "mortuus" and in Portuguese/Galician the word morto (dead).
  • Sometimes in Homer the words κήρ and moira have similar meanings.
  • In the Hellenic Air Force, but also in the Aviation services of both Army and Navy, "moira" (Greek: μοίρα, plural μοίρες) is the term used for squadrons.

  • Moira attacks Willie’s sidekick Derek. Isaac’s research reveals that the girl is Moira Karp, a bullied teenager who supposedly killed herself while attending Mind’s Eye Academy.
  • Vine Colby Forster died at only 25 years old, in March 1878 from pelvic peritonitis and is buried at Moira Community Cemetery, Moira.
  • In 1968 he married Moira Mackay and together they had three children: Jonathon, Moira-Jane, and Anne-Marie.
  • The Moira Formation (named from the Leicestershire village of Moira) is of Induan/Olenekian age. Also encountered as the Hopwas or Moira Breccia.
  • Moira continues to sexually harass Ben, and he threatens to fire her.

  • Bhola Moira (19th century) [...] was a popular and entertaining singer who could keep his audience mesmerised.
  • Chris & Moira were a Maltese duo, formed by Moira Stafrace and Christopher Scicluna. They were best known for representing Malta in the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest.
  • Each "tourma" was divided into "moirai" (Greek: μοίραι) or "droungoi".
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