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NOUN   a Morse signal | Morse signals
Morse signalMorsezeichen {n}
Morse codeMorsealphabet {n}
Morse telegraphy
Morsetelegrafie {f}
Morse dot
Morsepunkt {m}
Morse codeMorsecode {m}
Morse (code)Morsealphabet {n}
Morse taper
Morsekonus {m}
Morse telegraphy
Morsetelegraphie {f}
Inspector Morse
Inspektor Morse, Mordkommission Oxford
Morse spaceZwischenraum {m} zwischen Morsezeichen
Morse dashMorsestrich {m}
Morse theory
Morsetheorie {f}
Morse lampMorselampe {f}
Morse characterMorsezeichen {n}
Morse keyMorsetaste {f}
Morse function
Morsefunktion {f}
Morse potential
Morse-Potential {n}
Morse codeMorseschrift {f}
blanking and sync signal <BAS signal>
Austast- und Synchronisiersignal {n}
international Morse code
internationales Morse-Alphabet {n}
Morse taper shank
Morsekegelschaft {m}
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  • Charles Babbage had been among the first to suggest that a lighthouse might be made to signal a distinctive number by occultations of its light, but Thomson pointed out the merits of the Morse code for the purpose, and urged that the signals should consist of short and long flashes of the light to represent the dots and dashes.
  • Morse code is a method used in telecommunication to encode text characters as standardized sequences of two different signal durations, called "dots" and "dashes", or "dits" and "dahs".
  • Similarly, the distress signal SOS is often believed to be an abbreviation for "Save Our Ship" or "Save Our Souls" but was chosen because it has a simple and unmistakable Morse code representation [...] three dots, three dashes, three dots, sent without any pauses between characters.
  • This was a two-needle system using two signal wires but displayed in a uniquely different way to other needle telegraphs.
  • This caused a new signal occupation specialty to be developed: lineman.

  • The "heterodyne" or "beat" receiver has a local oscillator that produces a radio signal adjusted to be close in frequency to the incoming signal being received.
  • Damped wave had a large frequency bandwidth, meaning that the radio signal was not a single frequency but occupied a wide band of frequencies.
  • The output signal was at a carrier frequency defined by the physical construction of the gap, modulated by the alternating current signal from the alternator.
  • The mechanism described acted as a digital amplifier, repeating the telegraph signal, and thus allowing signals to be propagated as far as desired.
  • The 'low frequency' signalling of the Decca system also permitted its use on submarines.

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