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Morse spaceZwischenraum {m} zwischen Morsezeichen
Morse theory
Morsetheorie {f}
Morse characterMorsezeichen {n}
Inspector Morse
Inspektor Morse, Mordkommission Oxford
Morse signalMorsezeichen {n}
Morse codeMorseschrift {f}
Morse potential
Morse-Potential {n}
Morse taper
Morsekonus {m}
Morse (code)Morsealphabet {n}
Morse function
Morsefunktion {f}
Morse telegraphy
Morsetelegraphie {f}
Morse dot
Morsepunkt {m}
Morse keyMorsetaste {f}
Morse telegraphy
Morsetelegrafie {f}
Morse codeMorsealphabet {n}
Morse dashMorsestrich {m}
Morse lampMorselampe {f}
Morse codeMorsecode {m}
Morse taper <MT>
Morsekegel {m} <MK>
to send Morse code
morse code trainer
Morseübungs­gerät {n}
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  • In the mid-1800s, long before the advent of teleprinters and teletype machines, Morse code operators or telegraphists invented and used Morse code prosigns to encode white space text formatting in formal written text messages.
  • There was ample space to create programs that played music, sent and received morse code, operated data storage to media such as a cassette player and even offered game experiences (though these required significant imagination by the user).
  • That same year the acquisition of property along Craigie Street provided space for the kindergarten and grades one and two in the newly constructed Morse Building.
  • Morse pointed out that "U.S. News" as "the first American publisher to enter the global rankings space", given "Times Higher Education" and QS are both British, while the Academic Ranking of World universities is Chinese.
  • Prosigns for Morse code are special (usually) unwritten procedural signals or symbols that are used to indicate changes in communications protocol status or white space text formatting actions.

  • In February 2011, the Morse opened a new wing that provided for [...] gallery space for the permanent exhibition of its collection of art and architectural objects from Tiffany’s Long Island country estate, Laurelton Hall.
  • Near the top of the building's walls are a series of small windows that spell out "lest we forget/"n'oubilons jamais" in Morse code.
  • Realizing that while they have no voice communications with NASA they do have telemetry, Tish begins using a switch to send a Morse code signal to NASA, but it is not noticed by ground control.
  • was exchanged several times using Morse code over the half-million-mile path.
  • Stiles' adjacent "twin" residential college Morse is architecturally similar, was built at the same time, and has an adjoining dining room with a common kitchen.

  • In the study of dynamical systems, Smale introduced what is now known as a Morse–Smale system.
  • They further enter in the quantum mechanics of the Morse potential and of the 3D isotropic harmonic oscillator.
  • Guitarist Steve Morse of the rock band Deep Purple wrote the instrumental "Contact Lost" in response to the tragedy, recorded by Deep Purple and featured as the closing track on their 2003 album "Bananas".
  • The company returned to profitability in 2013. Morse also noted that "U.S.
  • This waveform is decoded by the scanner in a manner similar to the way Morse code dots and dashes are decoded.

  • but this was constructed by the overstrike of an apostrophe and a period; the original Morse code did not have an exclamation point.
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