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NOUN   a Morse taper | Morse tapers
Morse taper
Morsekonus {m}
Morse taper <MT>
Morsekegel {m} <MK>
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Morse taper shank
Morsekegelschaft {m}
Morse (code)Morsealphabet {n}
Morse lampMorselampe {f}
Morse function
Morsefunktion {f}
Morse telegraphy
Morsetelegrafie {f}
Morse dashMorsestrich {m}
Morse dot
Morsepunkt {m}
Morse codeMorsecode {m}
Morse keyMorsetaste {f}
Morse theory
Morsetheorie {f}
Morse potential
Morse-Potential {n}
Morse signalMorsezeichen {n}
Morse spaceZwischenraum {m} zwischen Morsezeichen
Inspector Morse
Inspektor Morse, Mordkommission Oxford
Morse codeMorseschrift {f}
Morse telegraphy
Morsetelegraphie {f}
Morse characterMorsezeichen {n}
Morse codeMorsealphabet {n}
morse code trainer
Morseübungs­gerät {n}
international Morse code
internationales Morse-Alphabet {n}
to send Morse code
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  • In most cases, the spindle is machined to accept Morse taper tooling for greater flexibility.
  • The extendible portion of the tailstock is called the barrel, and usually has a Morse taper mount in the end of it to secure the drill or reamer.
  • A through hole is usually machined into the table. Most commonly, this hole is machined to admit a Morse taper center or fixture.
  • This end of the spindle usually also has an included taper, frequently a Morse taper, to allow the insertion of hollow tubular (Morse standard) tapers to reduce the size of the tapered hole, and permit use of centers.
  • The shank of this holder is a Morse taper, although there are other machine tapers that are used in the industry.

  • This will allow the tool to spin in the female taper, which is likely to damage it. Morse taper reamers are available to alleviate minor damage.
  • The Morse taper is a common machine taper frequently used in drills, lathes and small milling machines.
  • A morse taper reamer is used manually to finish morse taper sleeves.
  • The arbor or chucks have different types of spindle holder (machine taper) like Morse taper MT 2, MT 3, and MT 4.
  • In a two piece implant the abutment is morse tapered or cold welded on the implant.

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