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Mustard's / Mustard operation
Mustard-Operation {f}
Boor's mustard [Thlaspi arvense] [field penny-cress]
Ackertäschelkraut / Acker-Täschelkraut {n}
bowyer's mustard [Lepidium ruderale]
Schutt-Kresse / Schuttkresse {f}
churl's mustard [Thlaspi arvense] [field penny-cress]
Ackertäschelkraut / Acker-Täschelkraut {n}
hare's ear mustard [Conringia orientalis]
Weißer Ackerkohl {m}
hare's ear mustard [Conringia orientalis]
Orientalischer Ackerkohl {m}
poor man's mustard [coll.] [Alliaria petiolata, Alliaria officinalis, Erysimum alliaria, Sisymbrium alliaria]
(Gewöhnliche) Knoblauchsrauke {f}
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  • Sinalbin is a glucosinolate found in the seeds of white mustard, "Sinapis alba", and in many wild plant species.
  • Born Feinkost GmbH runs a mustard shop and museum at the Wenigemarkt in Erfurt, showing the history of mustard and the brand as well as selling mustard specialties and freshly draught (draft) mustard.
  • In August 2018, foodwatch (a European advocacy group focused on consumer rights), accused Amora of false advertising for its "Mustard Vinaigrette" salad dressing product, which was found to contain only 0.7% mustard and mustard seeds not sourced from Dijon.
  • In the 1930s, the Keen's Mustard Club was created. Members received a Mustard Club Badge in the shape of a mustard pot and a booklet entitled "Inner Secrets of the Mustard Club".
  • Originally the mustard was prepared by grinding the mustard seeds into mustard flour, combining this with finely-grated horseradish (and sometimes herbs and spices), then forming the mixture into balls which were then dried to aid preservation.
  • Gulden's is known for its spicy brown mustard, which includes a blend of mustard seeds and spices. The Gulden's mustard recipe has remained a secret for more than 140 years.
  • In 2007, Kraft introduced three new specialty mustards under the Grey Poupon brand: a coarse-ground mustard with whole mustard seeds, a spicy brown mustard with diced yellow onions, and a honey mustard with clover honey and spices.
  • Since the 1950s, black mustard has become less popular as compared to brown mustard, because some cultivars of brown mustard have seeds that can be mechanically harvested in a more efficient manner.
  • In the early 1800s, Jeremiah Colman began making mustard at a water mill near Norwich in the village of Bawburgh.
  • O-Mustard (T) is a vesicant chemical weapon, a type of mustard gas, with around 3 times the toxicity of the original sulfur mustard.
  • Brand P Mark is positioned as "The Mustard Specialist" and manufactures cold-pressed Mustard Oil along with an array of mustard-based value-added products.
  • Following his departure from the Tigers, Marcuse developed his own brand of mustard called "Charley's Ballpark Mustard". His mustard is now offered in 65 establishments throughout Michigan.
  • However, the American butterflies cannot successfully reproduce by laying eggs on the invasive weed garlic mustard, "Alliaria petiolata", a fact that threatens their survival as garlic mustard out-competes native mustard plants due to having no biological control species present in North America.
  • Mustard is a condiment made from the seeds of a mustard plant (white/yellow mustard, "Sinapis alba"; brown mustard, "Brassica juncea"; or black mustard, "Brassica nigra").
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