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My turn!Jetzt bin ich dran!
3 Wörter
It's my turn.Ich bin dran.
It's my turn.Ich bin an der Reihe.
4 Wörter
It is my turn.Ich bin an der Reihe.
My turn will come.Meine Zeit kommt noch.
Now it's my turn.Jetzt bin ich an der Reihe.
5+ Wörter
It makes my stomach turn (over). [coll.]
Da dreht sich mir der Magen um. [ugs.]
This won't serve my turn.Damit ist mir nicht gedient.
ten-turn {adj} [attr.] <10-turn> [e.g. potentiometer]
Zehngang- <10-Gang> [z. B. Potentiometer]
turn-to-turn test [Am.] [IEC 60050]
Windungs­prüfung {f} [IEC 60050]
turn-by-turn directions {pl} detaillierte Wegbeschreibung {f} (von Punkt zu Punkt)
alpha turn <α-turn>
Alpha-Schleife {f} <α-Schleife>
beta-turn <β-turn>
Beta-Schleife {f} <β-Schleife>
to turnsich kehren [wenden]
to turnverdrehen
to turngewandelt werden
to turndrehen
to turnabdrehen [auf Drehmaschine]
Ree! [Segelkommando.: wendet!]
turnDrehbewegung {f}
to turn ...sich nach ... wenden
to turnumdrehen
to turnwenden
to turnsich wenden
to turnsich drehen
to turnabbiegen
Vollwinkel {m}
Doppelschlag {m}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Ross scored a Top 10 hit in late 1980 with the theme song to the film "It's My Turn".
  • In 2015, Barker joined the three surviving members of the folk-rock band Fotheringay for six tour dates in the UK and, in 2016, provided backing vocals on a new album by Brooks Williams entitled "My Turn Now".
  • Miranda Shearer has written two books. She wrote the first book "My Turn To Cook" at the age of 18 for her former boyfriend to take to university.
  • In February 1999, Zoxea releases his first album solo : "À mon tour d’briller" (It's my turn to shine).
  • "Now It's My Turn: A Daughter's Chronicle of Political Life" is a memoir by Mary Cheney, published in 2006.

  • In 2002, Circus Records released an expanded CD which included a second disc of twelve bonus tracks of songs recorded by The Go-Betweens around the same time as the album together with a music video for the song, "Your Turn, My Turn".
  • The proof of the snake lemma is taught by Jill Clayburgh's character at the very beginning of the 1980 film "It's My Turn".
  • In 1989, hip-hop artist Stezo first sampled the opening drums from their song, "It's a New Day" on his work titled, "It's My Turn".
  • In addition, DJs Darren Tate and Judge Jules had a hit in 2000 with "It's My Turn" credited to Angelic, which was their previously-issued remix of Sunscreem's "Change" with the original vocal track replaced with a new one by Jules' wife Amanda O'Riordan.
  • "It's My Turn" (1980 for Columbia Pictures)—with Jill Clayburgh, Michael Douglas, and Charles Grodin—won her the Donatello, or International Oscar for best new director.

  • The first, "Nancy Reagan: It's Still My Turn" (1990) which started as performance art piece at Highways in Santa Monica, and transferred to New York's the Actor's Playhouse Off Broadway.
  • Savo Heleta's "Not My Turn to Die" is written by a survivor who was a Serb-Bosnian teenager whose family was at once under fire from the Serb bombardments and under suspicion as Serbs in the mostly Bosniak town.
  • Here she wrote her novels "Flowers on the Grass" (1949) and "My Turn to Make the Tea" (1951), the latter based on her experiences as a reporter working on the "Hertfordshire Express" in Hitchin.
  • Her early screen roles include small roles in "It's My Turn" (credited onscreen as Diane Wiest) and "I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can", both starring Jill Clayburgh in the lead roles.
  • The following year he played a student who raised objections during Jill Clayburgh's proof of the snake lemma in the film "It's My Turn".

  • Director Claudia Weill was sexually harassed and demeaned by Stark on the set of her 1980 film "It's My Turn".
  • "One Pair of Feet" (1942) recounted her work as a nurse, and subsequently she worked in an aircraft factory and on the "Hertfordshire Express" – a local newspaper in Hitchin; her experiences in the latter field of work inspired her 1951 book "My Turn to Make the Tea".
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