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NOUN   myoglobin | -
Myoglobin {n}
myoglobin molecule
Myoglobinmolekül {n}
myoglobin molecules
Myoglobinmoleküle {pl}
myoglobin structure
Myoglobinstruktur {f}
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  • A coboglobin is a synthetic compound, a metalloprotein chemically similar to hemoglobin or myoglobin but using the metal cobalt instead of iron (hence the name).
  • It is possible to analyze urine samples in determining albumin, hemoglobin and myoglobin with an optimized MEKC method.
  • To investigate the theory that cannibalism had been practiced at the Cowboy Wash site, Richard Marlar, a University of Colorado molecular biologist examined the coprolite (fossilized human feces) found on site and discovered it tested positive for human myoglobin, which is found in human muscle tissue.
  • Oxygen binding affinities of leghemoglobins are between 11 and 24 times higher than oxygen binding affinities of sperm whale myoglobin.
  • Myoglobinuria is the presence of myoglobin in the urine, which usually results from rhabdomyolysis or muscle injury. Myoglobin is present in muscle cells as a reserve of oxygen.

  • 3+ is attached to certain histidine residues in a myoglobin protein, myoglobin is no longer a passive oxygen carrier, but gains enzymatic activity of an oxidase.
  • Myoglobin can be released into the bloodstream from damaged muscle tissue.
  • Metmyoglobin is the oxidized form of the oxygen-carrying hemeprotein myoglobin.
  • Seal muscle has a very high myoglobin concentration, which varies in different muscles and hooded seals have the capacity to store about six times as much oxygen as humans.
  • The fractional saturation "Y'O"2 of the myoglobin is what proportion of the total myoglobin concentration is made up of oxygen-bound myoglobin, which can be rearranged as the concentration of free oxygen over the sum of that concentration and the dissociation constant "K".

  • The pinkish color in meat is typically due to the presence of a compound called myoglobin.
  • Phylogenetic relationships indicate that the nonexpression of myoglobin in cardiac tissue has evolved at least four discrete times.
  • While the urine dipstick test is able to recognize heme in red blood cells, it also identifies free hemoglobin and myoglobin.
  • Carbon monoxide also binds to the hemeprotein myoglobin.
  • Aquatic mammals seldom dive beyond their aerobic diving limit, which is related to the myoglobin oxygen stored.

  • Traditionally, fibers were categorized depending on their varying color, which is a reflection of myoglobin content.
  • The 310 helix was eventually confirmed by Kendrew in his 1958 structure of myoglobin, [...] appearing in places such as the "corners" where α-helices change direction in the myoglobin structure, for example.
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