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myxoma virus
Myxoma-Virus {n} [ugs. auch {m}]
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Übersetzung für 'Myxoma-Virus' von Englisch nach Deutsch

myxoma virus
Myxoma-Virus {n} [ugs. auch {m}]VetMed.
  • Myxoma-Virus {n} [ugs. auch {m}] = myxoma virus
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  • Such research has included targeting the European rabbit ("Oryctolagus cuniculus") in Australia by engineering rabbit zona pellucida glycoproteins into a recombinant myxoma virus.
  • The significance of the difference between the two has now been elucidated with study of the rabbit-lethal myxoma virus.
  • In 1950, following research conducted by Frank Fenner, "myxoma virus" was deliberately released into the rabbit population, causing it to drop from an estimated 600 million to around 100 million.
  • In the 1930s, she encouraged the Australian government to trial the myxoma virus to combat the Australian rabbit plague.
  • "Myxoma virus" is a poxvirus in the genus "Leporipoxvirus".

  • He is best known for attempting to protect his crop from rabbits by releasing a pair of rabbits infected with "Myxoma virus" on to his farm in northern France.
  • Like its California relative, the brush rabbit ("Sylvilagus bachmani"), the common tapeti is a natural reservoir for the "myxoma" virus.
  • For example, the CSIRO released myxoma virus to control wild rabbits in Australia.
  • His two greatest achievements are cited as overseeing the eradication of smallpox, and the attempted control of Australia's rabbit plague through the introduction of "Myxoma virus".
  • He is well known for his work on myxomatosis and the myxoma virus in the 1940s in conjunction with Professor Frank Fenner.

  • In 1951, the Victorian edition of "The Country Hour" broke the news of the decision to introduce the Myxoma virus into Australia in a bid to control the wild rabbit population, after Ian Clunies Ross told rural reporter Graham White about the plan.
  • Brush rabbits are a natural carrier of the "myxoma virus", a poxvirus in the genus "Leporipoxvirus".
  • "Myxoma virus" is in the genus "Leporipoxvirus" (family "Poxviridae"; subfamily "Chordopoxvirinae").
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