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N-acetylaspartate <NAA>
N-Acetylaspartat {n} <NAA>
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Übersetzung für 'N acetylaspartate' von Englisch nach Deutsch

N-acetylaspartate <NAA>
N-Acetylaspartat {n} <NAA>biochem.
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  • Aminoacylase 2 is known for the fact that it can hydrolyze N-acetylaspartate while aminoacylase 1 cannot.
  • The types of biochemicals (metabolites) which can be studied include choline-containing compounds (which are used to make cell membranes), creatine (a chemical involved in energy metabolism), inositol and glucose (both sugars), N-acetylaspartate, and alanine and lactate which are elevated in some tumors.
  • It catalyzes the hydrolysis of N-acetylaspartylglutamate (NAAG) to glutamate and N-acetylaspartate (NAA) according to the reaction scheme to the right.
  • "N"-Acetylaspartic acid, or "N"-acetylaspartate (NAA), is a derivative of aspartic acid with a formula of C6H9NO5 and a molecular weight of 175.139.
  • Physicists have also developed other MRI-based techniques such as arterial spin labeling (where arterial blood is magnetically tagged before it enters into the tissue of interest and the amount of labeling is measured and compared to a control recording obtained without spin labeling), magnetic resonance spectroscopy (for measuring some key metabolites such as N-acetylaspartate and lactate within the living brain) and diffusion tensor imaging (for mapping white matter tracts within the living brain).
  • PCP has also been shown to cause schizophrenia-like changes in "N"-acetylaspartate and "N"-acetylaspartylglutamate levels in the rat brain, which are detectable both in living rats and upon necropsy examination of brain tissue.
  • Proton (H+) MR spectroscopy (H-MRS) identifies biochemical changes in the brain such as the quantity of metabolic products of neural tissue including choline, creatine, N-acetylaspartate (NAA), mobile lipids and lactic acid.
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