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N-word [euphemism for the use of the word nigger] [Am.] N-Wort {n} [bezieht sich auf das Wort "Nigger" oder "Neger", eine verächtliche Bezeichnung für einen dunkelhäutigen Menschen]
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  • In July 2020, Gillian Findlay responded to allegations by former CBC producer Dexter Brown that she had used the n-word in meetings in April 2019 whilst discussing the screening of a documentary about racial issues.
  • The move also came after the revelation that Toler entered the Sparks' locker room following their Game 2 loss and gave an obscenity-laced speech that included the use of the "N-word".
  • According to an October 2019 news article published by WBEZ, the school has dealt with a number of racist incidents, including Black students being called the N-word and bananas being thrown at them.
  • The meeting is interrupted by McLain, who punches out one of the communists after the communist uses the "N-word".
  • N-word is a euphemism for "nigger", an ethnic slur typically directed at black people.
  • While the original films were no stranger to controversy, the series uses humor to more deeply explore a variety of issues related to the contemporary African-American community, including drug abuse, entrepreneurship, local politics, and the use of the N-word.
  • In April 2007, the student newspaper published a four-page special feature entitled "The N-Word" examining the use of the racial epithet "nigger" within the school community.
  • When the man called his father the N-word his father punched him.
  • The vandalism included a crudely drawn swastika, multiple uses of the n-word, pentagrams, the phrase "white power," sexually explicit phrases and offensive symbols.
  • Mooney reflects on his childhood and some of the most notorious moments in his life, including organizing a performers' strike on the Comedy Store and publicly giving up the n-word after Michael Richards' onstage outburst.
  • The board settled a human rights complaint with a parent who had been called the "N-word" by Nancy Elgie, a former board trustee.
  • In an interview with Rawdon Christie, Harawira defended his statement saying that New Zealand "needed to mature" and that he would not be the first or the last person in the country to use the n-word.
  • The phrase "the K-word" is now often used to avoid using the word itself, similar to "the N-word", used to represent "nigger".
  • In June 2020, Stern faced criticism for a 1993 sketch from his "New Year’s Rotten Eve Pageant" special in which Stern parodied Ted Danson's Friars Club appearance by wearing blackface and repeatedly using the N-word and other racial slurs.
  • On May 18, 2016, former Major League Baseball player Barry Bonds, whose daughter attended the school, expressed racism outrage over white students using the "n-word" while rapping to a popular ASAP Ferg song.
  • In August 2021, there was controversy when a fan who was trying to get the mascot's attention screamed his name and some people thought the N word was used.
  • Michael Richards became upset with hecklers and called them the N-word several times.
  • In 2020, the University of Ottawa suspended one of its teachers for using the n-word in a metalinguistic way, which sparked a controversy over academic freedom.
  • Margera denies having said the word, claiming "I called her a crazy bitch and an idiot, but I definitely didn't use the n-word".
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