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N-terminal {adj}
N-Klemme {f}
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Übersetzung für 'N-terminal' von Englisch nach Deutsch

N-terminal {adj}

N-Klemme {f}electr.
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  • This class is defined by loss of two beta-strands and additional N-terminal strands. Both namesakes of this superfamily, myosin and kinesin, have shifted to use ATP.
  • The globin fold (cd01067) also includes some non-haem proteins. Some of them are the phycobiliproteins, the N-terminal domain of two-component regulatory system histidine kinase, "RsbR", and "RsbN".
  • It has been used with abiraterone in studies involving Whole genome sequencing that have shown how androgen receptors acquire resistance to them, which determines the use of new therapies against this pathology such as degraders of the protein or of the N-terminal domain of this receptor.
  • Consequently, most threonine proteases use an N-terminal threonine in order to avoid such steric clashes.
  • The mechanism of activation is similar to that of PKA: the GEF domain is usually masked by the N-terminal region containing the cAMP binding domain.

  • The class IIa bacteriocins (pediocin-like bacteriocins) are the largest subgroup and contain an N-terminal consensus sequence -Tyr-Gly-Asn-Gly-Val-Xaa-Cys across this group.
  • It also has been shown that the N-terminal region of reelin, a site distinct from the region of reelin shown to associate with VLDLR/ApoER2 binds to the alpha-3-beta-1 integrin receptor.
  • As a consequence, methionine is often incorporated into the "N"-terminal position of proteins in eukaryotes and archaea during translation, although it can be removed by post-translational modification.
  • In another patient, CAIS was the result of a deficit in the transmission of a transactivating signal from the N-terminal region of the androgen receptor to the basal transcription machinery of the cell.
  • It is made up of 242 amino acids and contains two domains, and N terminal KilA-N and a C-terminal RING domain.

  • This is usually accomplished by the addition of N-terminal ubiquitin signals.
  • Characteristics that determined the classes of chitinases were the "N"-terminal sequence, localization of the enzyme, isoelectric pH, signal peptide, and inducers.
  • A second crosslink can be introduced between the H3 N-terminal histone tail and the nucleosome DNA ends via an incorporated convertible nucleotide.
  • Proteins are often synthesized in an inactive precursor form; typically, an N-terminal or C-terminal segment blocks the active site of the protein, inhibiting its function.
  • The C-terminal tail of pardaxin is responsible for this non-selective activity against the erythrocytes and bacteria.

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