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amino-terminus <N-terminus>
Amino-Terminus {m} <N-Terminus>
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Übersetzung für 'N-terminus' von Englisch nach Deutsch

amino-terminus <N-terminus>
Amino-Terminus {m} <N-Terminus>biochem.
  • Amino-Terminus {m} <N-Terminus> = amino-terminus <N-terminus>
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  • It is cleaved at the N-terminus by renin to result in angiotensin I, which will later be modified to become angiotensin II.
  • During blood clotting, thrombin attacks the N-terminus of the Aα and Bβ chains in fibrinogen to form individual fibrin strands plus two small polypeptides, fibrinopeptides A and B derived from these respective chains.
  • The treble-clef motif consists of a β-hairpin at the N-terminus and an α-helix at the C-terminus that each contribute two ligands for zinc binding, although a loop and a second β-hairpin of varying length and conformation can be present between the N-terminal β-hairpin and the C-terminal α-helix.
  • Homeodomains can bind both specifically and nonspecifically to B-DNA with the C-terminal recognition helix aligning in the DNA's major groove and the unstructured peptide "tail" at the N-terminus aligning in the minor groove.
  • Studies focused on the N-terminus side of the IP3 receptor.

  • Because peptide chains have a directionality conferred by their N-terminus and C-terminus, β-strands too can be said to be directional.
  • HIV integrase is a 32kDa viral protein consisting of three domains- N-terminus, catalytic core domain, and C-terminus, which each have distinct properties and functions contributing to the efficacy of HIV integrase.
  • The gene encodes two functional domains: the N-terminus of the gene product binds the θ subunit and carries out the exonuclease function and the C-terminus binds the α subunit responsible for polymerase activity.
  • The N-terminus and the C-terminus of IF proteins are non-alpha-helical regions and show wide variation in their lengths and sequences across IF families.
  • The end with a free amino group is known as the N-terminus or amino terminus, whereas the end of the protein with a free carboxyl group is known as the C-terminus or carboxy terminus (the sequence of the protein is written from N-terminus to C-terminus, from left to right).

  • The most common polyhistidine tags are formed of six histidine (6xHis tag) residues - which are added at the N-terminus preceded by Methionine or C-terminus before a stop codon, in the coding sequence of the protein of interest.
  • Its N-terminus is highly acidic and starts with an acetyled aspartate in its amino group.
  • Due to the high conformational flexvoribility seen between residues 114-125 (part of the unstructured N-terminus chain) and the high β-strand propensity of helix II, only moderate changes in the environmental conditions or interactions might be sufficient to induce misfolding of PrPc and subsequent fibril formation.
  • The protein's N terminus is located on the extracellular side of the membrane and its C terminus is on the intracellular side.
  • It is oriented with the N-terminus outside the cell and the C-terminus in the cytosol.

  • The domain organization of the enzymes varies; some prokaryotic and most eukaryotic members of the H1 group have an additional small domain at the N-terminus known as the "hybrid binding domain", which facilitates binding to RNA:DNA hybrid duplexes and sometimes confers increased processivity.
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