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N-acetylaspartate <NAA>
N-Acetylaspartat {n} <NAA>
not at all {adv} <NAA>ganz und gar nicht
neutron activation analysis <NAA>
Neutronenaktivierungs­analyse {f} <NAA>
delayed neutron activation analysis <DNAA, delayed NAA>
verzögerte Neutronenaktivierungs­analyse {f} <verzögerte NAA>
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  • Neutronenaktivierungsanalyse {f} <NAA> = neutron activation analysis <NAA>
  • N-Acetylaspartat {n} <NAA> = N-acetylaspartate <NAA>
  • verzögerte Neutronenaktivierungsanalyse {f} <verzögerte NAA> = delayed neutron activation analysis <DNAA, delayed NAA>
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • From 1689 male members of the Pechin class also had "kara-naa" (唐名) or Chinese names.
  • He was publicly presented in his new capacity at the Naa Yelpoe Park at Jirapa on 28 April 2007.
  • Naval officers will additionally add the post-nominal ร.น. as an abbreviation for ราชนาวี ("râat-chá-naa-wee", literally "the Royal Navy").
  • Fiji Hindi has developed its own polite imperative suffix "-naa".
  • "Nata" and "nataa" are derivations of the phrase "naa anata" (なぁあなた "hey, you") and "nomai" is derived from the phrase "naa omae" (なぁお前 also "hey, you").

  • The position of Gundonaa can only be occupied by a daughter of a Yaa-Naa.
  • In the Arab world it is called “limon na-naa”.
  • Hop-tu-naa is a traditional Manx dance connected to the hop-tu-naa festivities around 31 October in the Isle of Man.
  • Naa Bolinaa Saaka is a Ghanaian diplomat and a member of the New Patriotic Party of Ghana. He is currently Ghana's ambassador to Burkina Faso.
  • The Manx celebrate Hop-tu-Naa on 31 October, which is a celebration of the original New Year's Eve.

  • Dolsi-naa Alhaji Abubakari Lunna (died in 2009) was a Ghanaian music teacher, drum-maker, and performer of Dagbon music and dance.
  • For personal pronouns or noun classes: Negative habitual subject concord+"naa" + positive past subject concord.
  • The song "naa jaane kidhar aaj merii naav chalii re" (I know not where my boat is heading), sung by Ashok Kumar, was an immensely popular song in the 40s.
  • Information about NAA Foundation programs can be found at www.naafoundation.org.
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