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SYNO NAC | North Atlantic Council
neuroacanthocytosis <NAC>
Neuroakanthozytose {f} <NAC>
nucleus accumbens <ncl. accumbens, NAcc, NAc>
Nucleus accumbens {m} <Ncl. Acc., ANc>
network access control <NAC>
Netzwerkzugangskontrolle {f}
network adapter card <NAC>
Netzwerkadapterkarte {f}
New Apostolic Church <NAC>
Neuapostolische Kirche {f} <NAK>
North Atlantic Current <NAC>
Nordatlantikstrom {m}
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  • Neuroakanthozytose {f} <NAC> = neuroacanthocytosis <NAC>
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  • After that, he played for NAC Breda and Panathinaikos.
  • NAC TV became available across Manitoba on MTS TV in October 2012. NAC is on Channel 30 on the MTS lineup. NAC TV is also carried by Bell Satellite TV, channel 592, since late 2012.
  • On 13 July 2021, Molenaar was appointed as manager of Jong NAC, the reserve team of NAC Breda.
  • From November to December 2015, NAC was involved in a fracas with local artists and academics after its CEO Kathy Lai and Chairman Chan Heng Chee argued for the need for and defended NAC's use of censorship.
  • Network operators deploy NAC products with the expectation that some legitimate clients will be denied access to the network (if users never had out-of-date patch levels, NAC would be unnecessary).

  • Located underneath Vak G, the NAC Museum holds artifacts, photos and movies from NAC's history. The museum is developed and maintained by NAC fans and is sponsored by charity and NAC Breda.
  • The National Anti-Terrorism Committee maintains a list of terrorist organizations on its website nac.gov.ru, named "Federal United list of Terrorist Organizations".
  • The NAC was the subject of congressional antitrust investigations during the 1960s, but in 1970, US President Richard Nixon signed the Newspaper Preservation Act, protecting the NAC.
  • Ex-NAC Dragon Rapides, Fox Moths, and DC-3s still fly in private and charter operator hands. Below is a list of known surviving NAC aircraft.
  • The NAC had nine former associate members, all but two were private schools.

  •  'town council') or Notified Area Council (NAC) in Rae Bareli district, Uttar Pradesh, India.
  • "In the Vernacular" (stylised as "in the ver•nac‘u•lar") is the debut album led by saxophonist John Handy III featuring tracks recorded in 1958 and originally released on the Roulette label.
  • A NAC represents an area on the earth—the longer the NAC, the smaller the area (and thereby, location) represented.
  • The nucleus accumbens (NAc) plays an essential part in the formation of addiction.
  • NAC bought the company's shares but operations were not fully absorbed into NAC until 1 October 1947.

  • Most of the clinical research on NAC has been conducted by Mark Babizhayev of the US-based company Innovative Vision Products (IVP), which markets NAC treatments.
  • The navy operates three naval area commands (NAC): Northern Gulf of Thailand (First NAC); Southern Gulf of Thailand (Second NAC); and the Andaman Sea (Indian Ocean) (Third NAC).
  • Antonucci returned to AS Monaco in early June 2020, as the 2019–20 season had been officially cancelled in Dutch football.
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