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Independent State of Croatia <NDH> [1941 - 1945]
Unabhängiger Staat {m} Kroatien <USK, NDH>
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Übersetzung für 'NDH' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Independent State of Croatia <NDH> [1941 - 1945]
Unabhängiger Staat {m} Kroatien <USK, NDH>geogr.hist.pol.
  • Unabhängiger Staat {m} Kroatien <USK, NDH> = Independent State of Croatia <NDH> [1941 - 1945]
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  • Herenčić returned to his homeland when the NDH was established following the Axis invasion of Yugoslavia in April 1941.
  • ... , NDH). Following occupation of the country by Axis forces in 1941, Slavko Kvaternik, deputy leader of the Ustaše proclaimed the establishment of the NDH.
  • After the collapse of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and the establishment of the German-Italian puppet the Independent State of Croatia (NDH) on 10 April 1941.
  • However, the Croatian Football Federation continued to run a competition called the Croatian national football league in the territory of Independent State of Croatia (NDH), a fascist puppet state which enjoyed relative peace during World War II, and which included most of present-day countries of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Vjekoslav Luburić (6 March 1914 – 20 April 1969) was a Croatian Ustaše official who headed the system of concentration camps in the Independent State of Croatia (NDH) during much of World War II.

  • The employment of "ndh"F and cpDNA sequences has refuted many of the traditionally accepted phylogenetic relationships within the Magnoliaceae.
  • Known as a nationalist, he supported the puppet Independent State of Croatia (NDH), established by Nazi Germany and Italy in 1941.
  • NDH General Slavko Kvaternik offered to put on disposal at least 12 battalions or more.
  • The presence of NDH-2 in organisms which genome as already been fully sequenced was studied by Bioinformatics.
  • Due to the alteration in train services following the opening to Brachina of the new standard gauge Stirling North to Marree railway in 1956, NDH railcars were used for a time on the old narrow gauge Quorn to Hawker section but passenger numbers were low, so the NDH railcars were replaced with mixed trains.

  • Later in 1941, the Communist Party of Yugoslavia started an armed uprising against the NDH, and conducted several operations in the city, but mostly operated underground and in liberated territories elsewhere.
  • The "ndh"F fragment has been a very useful tool in phylogenetic reconstruction at a number of taxonomic levels.
  • Zdenko Blažeković (23 September 1915 – 12 January 1947) was a Croatian fascist official who held several posts in the World War II Ustaše regime in the Independent State of Croatia (NDH).
  • The 1941 Treaties of Rome were a series of treaties concluded by the Fascist Italian regime and the World War II collaborationist Independent State of Croatia ("Nezavisna Država Hrvatska", NDH) on 18 May 1941, following the Axis Invasion of Yugoslavia.
  • These test subjects had similar concentrations of NDH and PTOX when compared to the concentration of NDH complex and PTOX molecules within the experimental control.

  • These 6,200 NDH Jews deported to Germany (some of whom survived) compare with estimates of 30,000 total Jewish victims in the NDH, confirming Zerjavić From Tenja, 200 Jews were transported to the Jasenovac concentration camp and 2,800 Jews were transported to the Auschwitz concentration camp.
  • On 10 September 1943, the Independent State of Croatia (NDH) declared that the Treaties of Rome of 18 May 1941 with the Kingdom of Italy were null and void and annexed the portion of Dalmatia that had been ceded to Italy as part of those treaties.
  • He created a Nazi-puppet state Independent State of Croatia (NDH) on part of Yugoslavian territory.
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