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no decompression limit <NDL> [scuba diving]
Nullzeit {f} [Sporttauchen]
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Übersetzung für 'NDL' von Englisch nach Deutsch

no decompression limit <NDL> [scuba diving]
Nullzeit {f} [Sporttauchen]sports
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  • In 1978, a first basic concept of Kansai-kan of the NDL was shown as the "Second National Diet Library" by local governments, academic societies and businesses in Kansai region.
  • USS "Zeppelin" was a passenger liner launched in 1914 as SS "Zeppelin" by Bremer Vulkan, Bremen-Vegesack, Germany, for Norddeutscher Lloyd (NDL).
  • She was sold to Norddeutscher Lloyd Line (NDL) of Bremen, who renamed her "Neptun".
  • Sunni scholars have confined the khums 20% tax to apply on only two items, The origins of the khums, states Abdulaziz Sachedina, go back to "the pre-Islamic Arab custom wherein the chief was entitled to one fifth of the ghanima (booty) in addition to the "safw al-ndl" (the portion of the booty which especially attracted him).
  • On June 28, 2021, she received her master’s degree with a singing recital and a master’s essay entitled "The Role of Agrippina" in George Frideric H"ä"ndl’s opera of the same name.

  • In December 1983, Whitted co-founded computer graphics technology firm Numerical Design Limited (NDL) with Dr.
  • The Allied Powers seized numerous NDL ships either during the First World War as prize ships or afterwards for war reparations.
  • The National Dodgeball League (NDL) rules were created to standardize professional dodgeball matches to make them fair and consistent.
  • The Norwegian Defence League (NDL) is a sister organisation of the EDL.
  • NDL has proven itself useful in solving many issues as it pertains to the operation of hybrid networks, allowing the creation of network maps and facilitating path finding algorithms.

  • ANSI and ISO adopted the CODASYL database specifications under the name Network Database Language (NDL), with work taking place within the same working group (X3H2) as SQL standardization.
  • Secondly, to "promote the ideological and artistic education of writers", the Institute for Literature "Johannes R.
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