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nonfunctional requirement <NFR>
nichtfunktionale Anforderung {f} <NFA>
not for resale <NFR> nicht für den Weiterverkauf / Wiederverkauf bestimmt
nociceptive flexion reflex <NFR>
nozizeptiver Flexionsreflex {m} <NFR>
non-functional requirement <NFR>
nicht-funktionale Anforderung {f} <NFA>
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  • nozizeptiver Flexionsreflex {m} <NFR> = nociceptive flexion reflex <NFR>
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  • Some scholars suggest that it was used in ancient Egyptian construction where 'nfrw' was used to denote 'level zero' of a building and in accounting where 'nfr' would refer to a zero balance.
  • The name comes from Coptic ⲥⲉⲛⲛⲟⲩϥⲣⲓ "Sanufri" which itself comes from Egyptian "s.t-n-nfr.t", "place of good profit".
  • Arensnuphis (in Egyptian: Iryhemesnefer, "ỉrỉ-ḥms-nfr", "the good companion") is a deity from the Kingdom of Kush in ancient Nubia, first attested at Musawwarat el-Sufra in the 3rd century BC.
  • The word can thus be written as "nfr+f+r", but one still reads it as merely "nfr".
  • Below the tomb of Hwy-nfr was the burial of the mother of a priest of the pharaoh Menkaura.

  • The symbol nfr, meaning beautiful, was also used to indicate the base level in drawings of tombs and pyramids, and distances were measured relative to the base line as being above or below this line.
  • Iynefer ("i(i)-nfr", “the beautiful/good one has come”) was a Fourth Dynasty ancient Egyptian prince, a son of Pharaoh Sneferu.
  • t=f nfr-k3-rˁ-mn-ˁnḫ)," Beloved King’s Wife of Neferkare-men-ankh-Neferkare "(ḥm.t-nỉswt mrỉỉ.t=f nfr-k3-rˁ-mn-ˁnḫ-nfr-k3-rˁ)," and She who sees Horus and Seth "(m33.t-ḥrw-stš).
  • In the 2002 elections, Sánchez de Lozada ran again, and narrowly beat NFR's Manfred Reyes Villa and the indigenous leader Evo Morales of the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) party.
  • The obverse has the two hieroglyphs for "nfr" and "nb": "Perfect gold", or a common-era term: " 'Fine'-gold".

  • By the 2002 election, two other populist parties emerged to take their place, Manfred Reyes Villa’s Nueva Fuerza Republicana (NFR) and Evo Morales' Movement for Socialism (MAS).
  • Egyptian hieroglyphs involving cross shapes include "ankh" "life", "ndj" "protect" and "nfr" "good; pleasant, beautiful".
  • Neferhetepes ("nefer-hetep-es"; "nfr-ḥtp-s," "Her Peace/Grace Is Beautiful") was an ancient Egyptian princess of the 4th Dynasty; a daughter of Pharaoh Djedefre who ruled between his father Khufu and his brother Khafre.
  • Isetnofret "(3s.t-nfr.t;" also spelled as Isetneferet, Isisnofret etc.) was an ancient Egyptian female name, meaning “Isis is beautiful”.
  • Its candidate at the presidential elections, Manfred Reyes Villa, won 20.9% of the popular vote.

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