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nuclear localization sequence <NLS>
Kernlokalisationssequenz {f}
nuclear localization sequence <NLS>
Kernlokalisierungs­sequenz {f}
nuclear localization signal <NLS>
Kernlokalisierungs­signal {n}
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  • These activators bind specifically to Heat Shock sequence Elements (HSE) throughout the genome Two sequences flanking the N-terminal zippers fit the consensus of a bi-partite nuclear localization signal (NLS).
  • I-κB blocks the NLS of NF-κB therefore preventing its translocation to the nucleus.
  • A nuclear localization signal "or" sequence (NLS) is an amino acid sequence that 'tags' a protein for import into the cell nucleus by nuclear transport.
  • The mature CEFIP protein contains nuclear localization signals (NLS), pat4 (RKPK at aa 382, RPRK at aa 640, KRRK at aa 1190) and pat7 (PPWRKPK at aa 379 and PWRKPKT at aa 380) with an NLS score of 0.94.
  • The entire English football league system includes the Premier League, the EFL, the NLS leagues, and any local leagues that have feeder relationships with an NLS league.

  • The Premier Division is at step 5 (or level 9) and Division One at step 6 (level 10) of the National League System (NLS) respectively.
  • Instant win and digital scratchcard provider, Gamevy, formed a partnership with Novomatic subsidiary, Novomatic Lottery Solutions (NLS), in November 2016.
  • A "nuclear localization signal" (NLS) is a target peptide that directs proteins to the nucleus and is often a unit consisting of five basic, positively charged amino acids.
  • NLS 1 saw Axcil Jefferies smash the lap record by 3 seconds on the NLS Nürburgring Nordschleife configuration in the Konrad Motorsport Lamborghini GT3 EVO.
  • NLS binding to the ARM domain, and thereby the formation of the import complex, is regulated by the IBB domain of importin α.

  • The University of Toronto arranged for the launch to carry three small satellites for universities as part of its Nanosatellite Launch Services program, designated NLS-8: BRITE-Austria, UniBRITE and AAUSat3.
  • The National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS) of the Library of Congress has contracted with the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) to offer a certificate of proficiency for braille transcribers and proofreaders who are interested in working in their communities to produce braille materials for blind people.
  • NLS became an academy on 1 November 2016.
  • In addition to these conserved regions, DVL has both a NES and NLS, which regulate the cellular localization of DVL via movement between the nucleus and the cytoplasm.
  • NLSIU also hosts South Asia's biggest Parliamentary Debate Competition, the National Law School Debate.

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