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SYNO National Security Agency | NSA
nonstandard analysis <NSA>
Nichtstandardanalysis {f} <NSA>
no strings­ attached <NSA>ohne (weitere) Verpflichtungen
National Security Agency <NSA>
NSA {f} [US-Geheimdienst]
National Security Agency <NSA> [U.S. intelligence agency]
Nationale Sicherheitsbehörde {f}
national supervisory authority <NSA>
nationale Aufsichtsbehörde {f}
non-standard analysis <NSA>
Nichtstandardanalysis {f} <NSA>
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  • Nichtstandardanalysis {f} <NSA> = nonstandard analysis <NSA>
  • Nichtstandardanalysis {f} <NSA> = non-standard analysis <NSA>
  • NSA {f} [US-Geheimdienst] = National Security Agency <NSA>
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  • "Der Spiegel" reported in September 2013 that the National Security Agency (NSA) widely monitors banking transactions via SWIFT, as well as credit card transactions.
  • Even if phonologically front vowels precede the suffix "-nsa", grammatically it is preceded by a word controlled by a back vowel.
  • NSA and third parties—Signals intelligence is funnelled to the NSA in exchange for surveillance technology and monetary compensation.
  • No approaches were made towards the transatlantic conflict over NSA surveillance in Europe.
  • Tsingpo nsa: The day is marked with different clan collecting firewood and piling in their respective dormitories and the headmen serving dormitory wine to members.

  • Ledgett pledged increased transparency regarding NSA operations.
  • A special branch of the NSA called "Follow the Money" (FTM) monitors international payments, banking and credit card transactions and later stores the collected data in the NSA's financial databank, "Tracfin".
  • Kevin's code is revealed to be part of a Defense Department satellite transmission. NSA agents ransack the Morris household, looking for any other documentation that might supposedly compromise national security.
  • Telecommunication companies, including AT&T, Verizon, and BellSouth, cooperated with NSA requests for access to transactional records.
  • Concerning the pattern recognition of transaction information, only synthetic data created by researchers was being processed.

  • Aprapransa as a complete meal is not a food that is commonly found on the streets of Ghana or is prepared every day in the house.
  • 5 billions from the office of the National Security Adviser with no coherent basis for the financial transaction.
  • In June 2014, Kamer joined Katharine Hamnett to perform a stunt outside Hackney Town Hall, aiming to make Hackney Mayor Jules Pipe ban all Monsanto Roundup herbicides being used in the borough.
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