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NTSC standard [Am.] [Can.]
NTSC-Norm {f}
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Übersetzung für 'NTSC' von Englisch nach Deutsch

NTSC standard [Am.] [Can.]
NTSC-Norm {f}RadioTV
  • NTSC-Norm {f} = NTSC standard [Am.] [Can.]
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  • The term NTSC-C is used to distinguish regions in console video games, which use televisions of NTSC or PAL display standards.
  • A video standards converter is a video device that converts NTSC to PAL and/or PAL to NTSC.
  • The COMX automatically selected operation in PAL or NTSC, this was done via the PAL/NTSC input on the VIS.
  • In Japan, NHK and NTV introduced color television, using a variation of the NTSC system (called NTSC-J) on September 10, 1960, making it the first country in Asia to introduce color television.
  • Units sold in NTSC regions are SD/ED NTSC, 720p, 1080i and 1080p compliant, while those available in PAL regions are compatible with SD/ED PAL, 720p, 1080i and 1080p.

  • DVL-919E can play both Pal and NTSC laser discs. NTSC discs can also be output in Pal 60 format.
  • In systems historically based on NTSC standards, for reasons originally related to the Chromilog NTSC TV systems, the exact frame rate is actually (3579545 / 227.5) / 525 = 29.97002616 fps.
  • NTSC-J also uses a white reference (color temperature) of 9300K instead of the usual NTSC standard of 6500K.
  • NTSC models only can play NTSC recordings, while PAL models can play both PAL and NTSC. PAL models end with an "E" (e.g. DCR-IP7E).
  • Investigation carried out by the Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC) concluded that hydraulics failure were the cause of the crash of Flight 062.

  • The Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC) opened an investigation into the accident and was assisted with their Chinese counterpart from the China Civil Aviation Administration (CAAC) as the state of the manufacturer.
  • Sometimes "NTSC-U", "NTSC-US", or "NTSC-U/C" is used to describe the video gaming region of North America (the U/C refers to US + Canada), as regional lockout usually restricts games from being playable outside the region.
  • Most or all the PAL games listed below are not playable on a real NTSC Super NES (even with its security chip disabled).
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