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Na-Dene languages
Na-Dené-Sprachen {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'Na Dene languages' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Na-Dene languages
Na-Dené-Sprachen {pl}ling.
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  • Kellog is one of the three localities in which Ket people, a little-known ethnic group whose language is thought by some linguists to be related to the Na-Dene languages of Native Americans, live.
  • He further proposes a relationship of the Ket language to the Na-Dene languages indigenous to Canada and western United States, and even suggests the tonal system of the Ket language is closer to that of Vietnamese than any of the native Siberian languages.
  • The Kiowa Apache language is a member of the Southern Athabaskan language family, a division of the Na-Dene languages.
  • Nevertheless, some scholars suggest that the ancestors of western North Americans speaking Na-Dene languages made a coastal migration by boat.
  • Geoffrey Caveney (2014) suggests that the Sino-Tibetan and Na-Dene languages are related but his analysis does not support the Sino-Caucasian or Dene-Caucasian hypothesis.
  • The district is home to most of Ket people, a small and declining ethnic group whose language is thought by some linguists to be related to the Na-Dene languages of North American Indians.
  • During 2008 Edward Vajda related Yeniseian to the Na-Dené languages of North America as a Dené–Yeniseian family.
  • In addition, due to ancient migrations of related peoples, other Na-Dené languages, such as Navajo and Apachean varieties, are spoken in the American Southwest and in Mexico.
  • The verb, as with all the Na-Dené languages, is characteristically incorporating.
  • or Dogrib language belongs to the Athabaskan languages, which are part of the Na-Dené languages family.
  • Before Sapir it was generally considered impossible to apply the methods of historical linguistics to languages of indigenous peoples because they were believed to be more primitive than the Indo-European languages.
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