Übersetzung für 'Naamah' von Englisch nach Deutsch
Naamah [also: Na'amah]
Naama {f} [auch: Naema] [Frauenname]
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Übersetzung für 'Naamah' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Naamah [also: Na'amah]
Naama {f} [auch: Naema] [Frauenname]bibl.
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  • Naamah, a princess of Ammon, (part of present-day Jordan) is the narrator of Aryeh Lev Stollman's novel published by Aryeh Nir/Modan (Tel Aviv) in Hebrew translation under the title "Divrei Y'mai Naamah" ("דברי ימי נעמה").
  • In Zoharistic Kabbalah, she is a queen of the demons and an angel of sacred prostitution, who mates with archangel Samael along with Lilith and Naamah, sometimes adding Eisheth as a fourth mate.
  • , Naamah was an Ammonite. She was the only wife of King Solomon to be mentioned by name in the Tanakh as having borne a child.
  • In the medieval midrash Book of Jasher, the name of Noah's wife is said to be Naamah, daughter of Enoch.
  • The name is thought to derive from a translation of Naamah, a Hebrew name that means "pleasant."

  • The names for "Kushiel's Chosen" and "Kushiel's Avatar" were initially to be "Naamah's Servant" and "Elua's Child" respectively.
  • His son-in-law was Rabbi Wolfe Kelman and his granddaughter was Naamah Kelman.
  • The most popular candidate is Naamah, the daughter of Lamech.
  • "Naamathite" (na'-a-ma-thit) is a Gentile name, suggesting he was from a city called Naamah, perhaps in Arabia.
  • Rabbi Abba bar Kahana said that Naamah, the sister of Tubal-cain, mentioned in [...] , was Noah's wife.

  • Naamah or Na'amah ([...]; "pleasant") is a demon described in the Zohar, a foundational work of Jewish mysticism. She originated from and is often conflated with another Naamah, sister to Tubal-cain.
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